Hal Needham, a guy I totally want to have a beer with. A great Rooney goal. And Chris Jones feels my pain

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Have you ever listened to someone be interviewed and think “Man, I so want to go have a beer with that guy? Or just sit and listen to him tell stories for a few hours?
I had one of those experiences for the first time in a long time listening to Hal Needham, legendary Hollywood stuntman, on NPR’s Only A Game the other day.
Needham has been in like 400 movies, broken 56 bones, and is still going strong. He’s written a book, which is why he was on the show, but listening to him tell stories and answer questions is too much fun.
I always thought stuntmen had pretty cool jobs, but God it’s awfully dangerous. Now they’ve got computers and CGI and all that and it’s less risky, which of course Hal hates.
Listen to my new friend Hal Heedham’s interview here; trust me, it’s worth it just to hear the story about his stolen watch.

**I’m not a big soccer guy, but I can appreciate the brilliance of some of the plays made by superstars.

Wayne Rooney, who is as well-known for his soccer brilliance as his unbelievably foul mouth, did this against Manchester City the other day in a game. The timing, the skill, it’s pretty incredible. Enjoy.

**Chris Jones, who is one my favorite writers in the world, has a new blog which is quite entertaining. Today he wrote a post about a subject near and dear to my heart: The curse of having an ordinary byline.
Chris Jones. Michael Lewis. We’re both cursed by the commonness, you see. There’s so many of us roaming the Earth, and in our cases, writing stories, that it’s impossible not to have byline-envy. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a distinctive byline, like S.L. Price or C.J. Chivers?
I’ve tried variations of mine over the years (see the URL of this blog; I throw my middle initial in there), but never quite had the guts to go for “M.J. Lewis.”
Anyway, Jones has written a great post about his 10 favorite writer names ever. Check it out, and feel the jealousy burn within me.


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