Daily Archives: February 23, 2011

The iPhone app that can be your priest. A shocking Internet fact. “Glee” has lost me. And the coolest crowd dance you will see

A smorgasbord of short thoughts for this Tuesday. And let me tell you, we had a great smorgasbord in my hometown of Commack, N.Y. I think it was called Henry’s. Mmmm, delicious.

I’m Jewish, so this story doesn’t really apply to me.But for you Catholics out there, your problems are solved.
If you have an iPhone.

In what might be more proof that we as Americans have WAY too much time on our hands, an Indiana company called “Little iApps” has invented something called “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” which allows you to give your confession through your phone.
So many jokes to make here, so little time. I’m guessing this will save a lot of time for sinners, not having to go to see an actual priest and all.
But seriously, this baby has it all. It walks you through your sins, lets you customize your conscience based on your age, sex, etc., and can also make great spaghetti (kidding about the last part.)
And it’s only $1.99! Can’t beat that price with a stick.

**So this statistic blew me away when I saw it last week. Because I’m forgetful, I’m only getting around to blogging on it now. In a story about rural areas in America having little access to the Internet, the New York Times dropped this gem on readers: 28 percent of Americans do not use the Internet at all.
WHAT??? Seriously, 28 percent of people don’t use the Internet? I’m shocked that in 2011, the number is that high. I understand having slow connections, not going on often, etc., but for that number of people to never use the Web? I couldn’t believe it.

**Tried to get back into “Glee” when I got home Tuesday night. I’d pretty much given up on it this year, because it was so bad at the start. Still, I decided to try again.
Not a good sign when the only parts I enjoyed were the Sue Sylvester scenes. And I did smile when Rachel and Blaine (is that his name?) did a “Don’t You Want Me Baby” duet.
But man, this show has just ridden off the rails. Sad.

Finally, here’s a little Tuesday pick-me-up: Check out these fans at a Northern Iowa basketball game, doing something called the “Interlude Dance.” Seriously, the coordination, and how long they carry it out, is impressive: