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Jon Stewart in defense of teachers. A really, really drunk priest. And Duke-Carolina II

This Wisconsin protest thing continues on, and I get more and more transfixed every day. Gov. Scott Walker seems hellbent on destroying unions in his state, pissing on teachers and other public workers.
When I get upset about all this, I turn to Jon Stewart. Who as always, puts things in perspective:

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**Who says priests don’t know how to party? I certainly don’t after reading about this guy.
Meet Rev. Ignatius Kury, a Ukranian Byzantine Catholic Church priest (no, I’ve never heard of that either, although maybe it’s close to Latvian Orthodox, to which George Costanza is a member) from Ohio.
Mr. Kury was arrested for drunk driving last Monday, and afterwards had some of the most bizarre ramblings you’ll ever hear from a priest (or a drunk person, for that matter).
A sample of what you can find here on his arrest report: And oh yeah, there’s video, too.
— To a jailer: “You have fabulous eyebrows. Those don’t come naturally.”
— “I am not going to get on my knees, I am not going to give head. Oral sex, no. I don’t care how long I’m here.”
—  “Thank you. Because I believe in real American democracy. I believe in Sarah Palin. We’re going rogue.”

— * “He’s in shackles, like Uncle Tom. Like I’m an Uncle Tom, don’t you think so, cause I’m black, I’m part black. You understand, sir, what kind of a shit storm you’re going to be under cause I am part black. Ohh, I can’t wait. Oprah Winfrey is going to have her fat ass down here and you are going to have your ass up the wall, and not in a good way.”

So0000 …  yeah. I can’t wait to see what his next sermon will be about. Standing room only tickets for that one.

**So, yeah, it’s Duke-Carolina day again. This time, so much more is on the line than the first meeting a month ago. Both are tied for the lead in the ACC, and today’s 8 p.m. game (live on CBS, first time the Duke-Carolina game has been on broadcast network prime-time, for whatever the hell that’s worth) will determine the regular season champ.

I’m feeling nervous, because my Blue Devils haven’t played great lately, and Carolina is on a serious roll. I think they’re going to be even better than they were in the first meeting, and they were pretty freaking good that night. Duke needed a huge night from Seth Curry to survive at Cameron in that one.
And my Blue Devils, well, they’re not playing so hot. Kyle Singler still isn’t back to his usual self, and K has shrunk his bench again, and the Heels will be at home …
I still think Duke wins. And I think that since I put this video on the blog last time they played, and Duke won, that I need to do so again.

Oh, like you don’t know a superstitious sports fan?