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The hilarity of iPhone auto-correct. And Carolina pummels Duke

I don’t have an iPhone. I’m on the phone constantly, but I just don’t get caught up in having a fancy phone. Sue me.
But people I know who have an iPhone seem to always be complaining about the auto-correct spelling feature on it; I have a female friend who when she texts me, half the time I get a follow-up text a few seconds later telling me what word she really meant to say, instead of the one that came through.
I don’t quite understand how the technology works inside the little do-hickey, but apparently the iPhone thinks it knows what you want to be saying more than you do, and it leads to some pretty bizarre texts.
There’s a  hilarious website devoted to the best iPhone auto corrects, called Damn You Auto Correct. I could not stop laughing at its “best of” Feb. 2010 messages, like the one above. Here’s another one:

Check out the whole list of them ( a few are a bit X-rated, just a warning) here.

**Well that was a wildly disappointing Duke-Carolina game Saturday night. Blue Devils played OK for about 10 minutes, then just disappeared for the last 30.
Carolina is very, very good, so I’m not totally surprised by the result.
But geez Louise, what in the hell has happened to Kyle Singler? I know he’s tired, but if I see one more fadeaway 17-foot jumper from him hit the front rim, I’m going to hurl.
Ryan Kelly did bubkes last night as well, and Mason Plumlee gave Duke nothing offensively before fouling out. So it was basically Nolan Smith and Seth Curry versus the Heels’ superior scoring depth.
John Henson of the Heels is sensational. And Kendall Marshall is better than anyone thought he’d be; what a fabulous passer he is.
Time to stop praying for Kyrie Irving to come back and save Duke. This team is what it is, and I think that’s a Sweet 16 team and nothing more. I hope I’m wrong, and I sure as heck hope Duke-UNC III happens next Sunday.

And one last thing: UNC fans stormed the court after the win. Really, Heels? Storming the court after beating Duke? It’s that big a deal to beat your rival on your home court? Bush league, I thought.