Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

A football player answers all his fan mail, 3 years later. The best TV show endings ever. And an incredible day of college hoops

**Like I’m sure so many of you, I was touched by the news of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I really can’t fathom what an 8.9 earthquake must feel like. The pictures of the devastation are incredible; check them out here. Hoping and praying that those who can make it out of the devastation do so, alive.

Also don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour when you go to sleep tonight. Hey, we’re a full-service blog here at Wide World of Stuff.

So it’s official. As of midnight Friday night, the NFL has locked out its players. There may very well be no NFL games this fall. The owners are pissed at the players. The players are pissed at the owners. And most fans, I think, are like me: A pox on both their houses for killing this golden goose. Just shut up, get a deal done, and get football season going in September.
Still, I don’t want to be all doom and gloom-y about football today. Because I just read about one of the good guys in the NFL, Chris Cooley, and something cool he wrote about on his blog.
He went through box after box of his fan mail that had piled up. Like, 1,000 pieces of mail. And he answered each one. He also delivered some hilarious lines while doing so, like “I appreciate the invite to that wedding in July, 2008. I’m sure it was awesome!”

Go read it here if you want to laugh at least four times, out loud.

** My boy Pearlman wrote a nice little post on his blog about the best TV show series finales of all time. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart, because I get so emotionally attached to shows that I do get really sad at the end. I got weepy at the end of “The West Wing,” and the “Family Ties” ending gets me every time.

But for money, hands down, no doubt whatsoever the best ending was to the brilliant HBO show “Six Feet Under.” Six amazing minutes of television. Watch and enjoy.

**Finally, man oh man what an incredible day of college basketball it was Friday. UConn wins its fourth game in four days, in OT over Syracuse. Those damn Tar Heels from UNC rally from from 19 down to win on a buzzer-beater over Miami. Michigan State clinches a bid with a beatdown over Purdue. The Jimmer (Jimmer Fredette) scores 52 points for BYU. San Diego State gets a game-winning shot with 5 seconds left. My Dukies win, but Nolan Smith hurt his toe and who knows if he’ll play anymore this weekend.
What am I forgetting? Oh yeah, Louisville beats Notre Dame in OT.

Best conference tournament day I ever remember. And the NCAA Tournament doesn’t even start for six more days (play-in-games don’t count in my book.)