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The bullied kid who fought back. My latest brilliant workplace idea. And fun with Legos!

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In my experience, just about everyone in life either was bullied as a kid, or bullied someone else.

I fall into the former category, sadly though not surprisingly when you consider I was really short and wore glasses. For much of junior high and high school, Gino Pena, Joey Laudadio and others in their group of friends decided tormenting me was fun. It never got to a majorly physical level; mostly just pushing me against lockers, shoving my books out of my hands, that sort of thing.
Do I wish I had stood up to them more? Sometimes. But I try not to think about that stuff too much; what’s done is done.
But some of those old feelings got stirred up today when I saw the above video. It’s of a heavy kid named Casey, who finally had enough of being bullied. Watch that, and tell me you don’t feel like what he did was warranted.
The only way to stop a bully, sadly, is sometimes to stand up to them. This kid had had enough. And I doubt anyone at the school will mess with him anymore.

Also, talking about bullying gives me an excuse to link to one of my favorite magazine articles ever. It’s by the fantastic Tom Junod of Esquire, and it’s about the psyche of a bully and his victim. Truly incredible writing.

**So a friend of mine at work and I had this great brainstorm today. My employer at the newspaper has just instituted a new time-card system at work, which is different from any other newspaper I’ve worked at. We’re supposed to clock in and clock out and keep our hours to the minute.
My friend and I got to talking, and somehow we were discussing the inability to fall asleep at night. And then it occurred to me: Most of the time when I can’t fall asleep, I’m thinking about something I did or didn’t do at work that day, and all the things I have to do tomorrow.
So I spend the last 20-30 minutes of my day thinking about work. Shouldn’t that count as being “on the clock?” Shouldn’t I get to write down on my timecard that from 1-1:30 a.m. I “worked,” since I was lying in bed thinking about work?

Maybe it wouldn’t fly with the bosses. But it sure as heck would be accurate.

**I am a total sucker for these LEGO videos that seem to be everywhere these days. In this one, some genius re-enacts great moments in NCAA Tournament history through LEGO. I love it: