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The craziest pre-school mom of all time. An extremely awesome fan chant. And God, enough with Japan already

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I try not to be outraged by these things. It’s probably not good for me. But come on, look at this story in the New York Post and tell me you’re not pissed off (and a hat tip to my friend Rob Connors for pointing me toward this).
Meet Nicole Imprescia. She’s the mother of a 4-year-old daughter named Lucia. Nicole enrolled her toddler at York Ave. Preschool in Manhattan. Only, after three weeks, Nicole yanked Lucia out of school, and is now SUING the pre-school for not preparing her kid properly for the rigors of elementary school, and (this is my favorite part), for forcing Lucia to spend time with lesser-minded 2-and 3-year-olds.

Excuse me, LESSER-MINDED 2 and 3 YEAR OLDS!!!!
Are you kidding me? What the hell IS a lesser-minded 2 and 3 year-old, first of all. Second, you’re suing a pre-school because your 4-year-old isn’t being intellectually stimulated enough. She’s FOUR! There’s no reason she can’t get all the stimulation she needs in pre-school.
Ugh. I am not at all surprised that this happened in Manhattan, as I’ve heard many horror stories from relatives and friends about the disgusting competitiveness at the elite-tot level. But heavens to Betsy (do people still say that? Maybe I’ll bring it back), this Nicole Imprescia woman needs to be taken outside and explained, calmly, that a kid’s future at Princeton is not ruined by playtime with shapes and colors at age 4.

Grrr. Just makes me so mad.

**My good friend Tony Jones works for the newspaper in Salt Lake City, and he covers Utah State, a very dangerously good team in the NCAA Tournament. He’s told me how amazing the Utah State student section is, and here’s some proof. This is the chant they do with 30 seconds left until gametime. It is beyond awesome, and I so wish I was there with them. What do they believe? Just listen (starts about :08 in.):

**Finally, a quick dashed-off memo to the man upstairs:

Dear God: Please leave Japan alone. Enough already. Hugs and kisses, Everyone else in the world.

I mean, seriously? As if Japan isn’t going through enough #@!!#@# already (is that how you spell that? I’ve always wanted to write that), with the nuclear radiation leakage, and the earthquakes, and the tsunamis, now comes news Wednesday that a fire broke out at one of the devastated reactors.
I mean, this is going beyond tragic, beyond incomprehensible, to something totally different.
What could possibly happen to these people next? Forget I asked. I don’t think anyone wants to find out.