Daily Archives: March 26, 2011

The best workplace fridge notes. The GE Tax scam. And Fat Ho Burgers comes to Texas

It’s happened to you, it’s happened to me, it’s happened to all of us.
Somebody where you work has eaten or drank something of yours from the workplace fridge. Maybe it was a piece of cake, maybe it was a salad, maybe even a Diet Coke.
I don’t know who these people are that do this, nor how they live with themselves. I once accidentally ate someone else’s unopened Dannon yogurt a few years ago (I thought it was mine from the day before, but alas, it wasn’t) and felt guilty about it for days.
But there are thieves among us. Fortunately, many of them can be shamed by a well-placed, caustic note.
The website buzzfeed.com has collected the 30 best angry notes from folks like you and me who’ve had their lunch or beverages pilfered (Where did they get such a collection? Who knows. I can’t believe people take pictures of notes on workplace fridges.)
Enjoy and laugh at them all here.

**So General Electric was in the news Friday, a big story in the N.Y. Times. Angered me, and I’m sure lots of others. It seems that in this tax season of ours, GE, a company that made $14.2 billion in profits last year, is paying ZERO dollars in taxes.
How? Loopholes and schemes, mazes and tax shelters. Every damn tax break our government gives to major corporations, it seems GE uses.
Read the story here, and then you’ll probably need the nearest trash can.

**Ah, those crazy Texans. Apparently a new restaurant in Waco, Texas is causing a little bit of a stir. A 23-year-old woman owns the place, and it’s called: Fat Ho Burgers.
Can’t imagine why anyone would be offended by that.

“Hey, want to go to lunch? Yeah, let’s go to Fat Ho.”