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A woman changing the world, one repaired child at a time. And VP Biden’s peeps lock a reporter in a closet

Sometimes, you look at what someone is doing with their life, and are awestruck at the power of one soul.
Sometimes, you look at what someone is doing with their life, and you feel like yours is worth so little, given the vast gulf of importance between what you do, and what they do.
I had one of those moments Sunday night, as I sat riveted, watching “60 Minutes,” tears dripping from my eyes, and learned of Elissa Montanti, a 57-year-old woman from Staten Island, N.Y. who runs the Global Medical Relief Fund, out of her house. Their motto: “Helping Restore the Broken Lives of Injured Youth With Healing and Dignity, 1 child at a time.”
Elissa is basically a one-woman operation, and this is what she does: She learns about badly wounded children from third-world countries, brings them to America, and enlists doctors and nurses to make them well again.
She gives hope, where there had been none. She provides light, where there had been only darkness.
She’s constantly begging for money, time and medical services, and in the past decade she’s helped more than 100 kids, often coming to her without arms, legs, or a future, regain their lives.
I implore you to watch this story of one woman, changing the world, little by little. (For some reason I can’t embed CBS News videos here; it’s really annoying. But trust me, it’s so worth the click.)
This piece is one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen, as “60 Minutes” follows the tale of one little Iraqi boy, on his journey from devastation, back to normalcy.
Elissa Montanti is a wonderful, inspiring woman doing so much good.
She makes me want to be a better person, which I think is the highest compliment you can give someone.
If after watching you would like to learn more, here’s a link to GMRF’s website.

**Proof forthcoming that I don’t only rip Republicans here at Wide World of Stuff:
VP Joe Biden held a private fundraiser in Orlando last week. An Orlando Sentinel reporter wanted to cover the event. Fine, the VP’s peeps said, but he couldn’t interview or talk with the guests. He would be allowed to hear and report on Biden and Fla. Sen. Bill Nelson’s speeches, though.
The reporter agreed. Except then they stuck the reporter, Scott Powers, in a storage closet for more than an hour.
Seriously. A freaking storage closet.
Read the delightful details here.