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2 nations, 2 crowds, 2 great anthems. A serious tattoo question. And a bizarre new ballpark food

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My post the other day about the Portland Timbers and their bizarre new tradition of having their mascot saw off a log after each goal got me wondering about this team, and I discovered that their fans did something incredibly cool last week.

The entire crowd sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game. Check it out above.
I so hope this catches on, because it sounds so damn cool.
For my money though, and don’t call me unpatriotic here, this was even better, from a 2006 Edmonton Oilers playoff game:

**So I’m watching Game 1 of the Denver Nuggets-Oklahoma City Thunder series, because even thought I don’t really care much about the NBA anymore, my friend Tony Jones who’s a huge NBA fan said I have to watch this series, it’ll be awesome. And based on Game 1, he was right. Really great game.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about Nuggets forward J.R. Smith and his neck tattoos. J.R. has like 20 tattoos, including the ones on his neck (above).
And here’s my question: How is having a man with a needle maneuvering around your carotid artery not extraordinarily dangerous? I mean, you’ve got to have a lot of trust in your tattoo artist to allow him to come that close to killing you.
Seriously, readers who know more about tattoos than I do: Isn’t this really, really dangerous? And do you think the tattoo guy makes you sign a waiver clearing him of any liability if he happens to kill you?

**You may know I sometimes like to write here about bizarre or awesome or disgusting new ballpark food (depending on your point of view), being invented.
Well my friends, the Milwaukee Brewers have gone and done it. They’ve forced me to write about something so vile, or perhaps so tasty.
This season the Brewers are selling a pulled pork parfait at Miller Park. Yep, it’s got pulled pork, mashed potatoes, and chives.
Listen, I’m an enormous fan of pulled pork. But there’s no way I’d drink or eat that crap.