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The worst and creepiest online dating hookup ever. And Molly Ringwald at age 43


 I’m a big fan of online dating. My sister met my brother-in-law on there, and I met my former wife through a site as well (hey, it’s not their fault things didn’t work out so well.)
I think millions of people have found love and happiness through match and eHarmony and J-Date and all the rest.
But sometimes, well, sometimes crazy creepy things happen in the virtual dating world.
Like a long-lost brother and sister finding they’re related while on a date.
Yep, Sarah Kemp and George Bentley were split up when their parents divorced in 1975, and Kemp eventually married and changed her name.
They both joined ForgetDinner.co.uk in November, a British dating website, and after emailing a bunch of times, found they had much in common (who knew?)
So they go to meet for the first time in London, start talking and well, they discovered they used to live together as kids.

So creepy. So weird.  Thank God they discovered their shared DNA before they started kissing or sleeping together or something.
It’s a wild, wild world out there kids. Wear a helmet.

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**Molly Ringwald is 43 years old.
Yeah, that freaked me out too. As an unabashed child of the 80s, who positively adores “Pretty in Pink” and “The Breakfast Club,” I couldn’t believe that the object of Ducky’s affection is that old.
“CBS Sunday Morning,” which is very quietly one of the best and most interesting shows on TV (seriously, watch it sometime, you will learn a lot), sent Mo Rocca to talk to her about being 40. And I’m happy to report, the woman who kissed John Bender after a day in detention seems remarkably normal and happy.
She’s proof that not all child actors end up miserable and depressed. OK, so Ringwald didn’t exactly make any good movies after the 80s (“Fresh Horses,” anyone).
But she’s married, happy, and can laugh at herself.  Which is more than most of us can say.