My brother-in-law’s amazing transformation. A tennis player turned hot dog vendor. And today’s sign we have gotten too lazy

 My brother-in-law Jason Linch has had a lot of cool experiences in his life (besides, you know, marrying into my family. What could be cooler than that?)
He spent a few years following the Grateful Dead around, supporting himself by selling sandwiches in the parking lot.
He’s a chef who once worked for John Popper of Blues Traveler (who as you know if you’ve ever seen him, liked to eat).
In the last year he’s tackled a new project: Himself. Jason, who loves food as much as anyone, has gone on a tremendously successful diet over the past nine months, losing 75 pounds.
It’s not so much a diet, actually, as a way of life. Jason has totally changed his eating habits, become a vegan, and made a dramatic change in his appearance (see above for the “before and after” pics.) 
Now he’s started a blog about delicious dishes for vegans, called The Real Meal Today. If you or someone you know is a vegan, check his site out here; Jason is truly a food savant.

 **This just depresses me. Honda has invented a device that basically takes away the hassle of, you know, walking.

As one of the YouTube commenters said, the company’s new slogan should be: “Honda. Because people aren’t lazy or fat enough yet.”
Seriously, who’s going to buy this thing? 

Vodpod videos no longer available.
**One of my favorite parts of being a journalist is getting to talk to cool people who have done things a little differently. I did a story for my newspaper Tuesday about a woman named Zenda Liess, who was a pro tennis player for a few years, then retired and opened up a hot dog stand on the beach in Daytona with her boyfriend.
Not the career path you’d normally choose. Anyway, I think the story turned out pretty well; check it out here.

3 responses to “My brother-in-law’s amazing transformation. A tennis player turned hot dog vendor. And today’s sign we have gotten too lazy

  1. Christopher Yasiejko

    Thanks for this, Lew. Tara and I are infusing some vegan meals into our lifestyle. His site will help.

  2. I’m not a vegan (more of an ovo-lacto-pisco-carno-vegetarian), but the idea of adding stuff to matzoh balls — love it! My chicken soup is usually loaded with Swiss chard or spinach anyway, so why not put it in the matzoh balls too? Mmmm! Gonna follow his blog.

  3. Thanks Michael and thanks guys. The blog/diet isnt really about being vegan, you van have meat /chix/fish once a week or so but more about cutting the garbage out of the diet, no oils, no salt, no refined sugars or flours. People can be vegan and still eat garbage..its just animal cruelty free garbage 🙂

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