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The sheer irrelevance of the Royal Wedding. Warren Zevon sings hockey. And more truth about the awful Gitmo prison

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There are many, many things I don’t get in this world. But maybe my No. 1 head-scratcher is why so many people in America give a hoot about the Royal Family.
I mean really, why??? Why does anyone care about Charles and Di and Prince William and Queen Elizabeth and the rest? Are they somehow more special people than the rest of us? Do they have some sort of power in government or culture that I don’t know about?
I’ve never understood it. The whole idea that there’s this elite group of people in England who by virtue of their blood are on such a higher plateau than everyone else always struck me as crazy.
And now this Royal Wedding business. Hey, I’m sure Kate Middleton’s a nice woman. And her soon to be husband William is probably a fine fellow. But Judas Priest, do we really need this much freaking media coverage? Do I need to hear about these bloody nuptials on every TV station?
I just don’t know why people care so much. Maybe it’s just escapist entertainment. Maybe people just want to still believe in a caste system when it comes to privilege. But I just don’t get why everyone goes gaga over these people.
Jerry Seinfeld recently compared the Royals to “playing dress up.” I think he’s right.
And I thought playing dress up as a kid was way more interesting. (Wait, was that out loud?)

**Amazing hockey game last night. Canucks-Blackhawks, Game 7, and it went to overtime. There was awesome goaltending, great excitement, and a thrilling finish. I feel in honor of this, and two more Game 7s coming Wed. night, I have to share with you the best hockey song ever. It’s by  the great Warren Zevon, and it’s called “Hit Somebody.” A great song that tells a great story. Enjoy. Lyrics here.

**So in case you missed it Monday, WikiLeaks is at it again, dumping 700 pages worth of documents to the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. about the secret detention center known as the Guantanamo Bay prison.

And in case you were still under any illusion that Barack Obama and his administration were really serious about closing Gitmo, as he promised in the 2008 election, you can forget it.
I urge you to read this report summarizing the document dump by Salon’s Glenn Greenwald. It talks about how so many prisoners at Gitmo are being held on very little evidence, but releasing them now is too dangerous. It talks about the egregious detention of a journalist from Al-Jazeera named Sami al-Haj, who was held for six years for basically no reason, then released without being charged.
It is once again repulsive that America operates this prison, and has operated it in such a secretive manner.
It is a stain on our country, and one that should make all of us feel ashamed.