A reality show starring TSA agents. Some NFL Draft thoughts. And Jack Edwards goes on a bizarre rant

More proof that the people who run television networks are officially all out of ideas:
AMC is giving us a reality show about people who work for the TSA, the folks who do all the security screening at the airport.
Yep, the Department of Homeland Security ought to make for really compelling TV.  Or not. I can’t wait for 35 minutes of watching a man get screened at the airport, or a bunch of dogs walking around smelling suspicious packages.
Of course, there’s always the possibility of the cast doing like most reality stars and getting wasted and hanging out in a hot tub together.

Although, as the brilliant Amy Dickinson pointed out on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, it’ll take them a while to get drunk.
Because each cup of beer has to weigh three ounces or less.

**So I didn’t watch too much of the NFL Draft last night. Just didn’t get into it this year; most years, usually.
I did see some of it and read about it online, and have a few scattered thoughts:
— I love all the “experts” who immediately assess which teams did great and which teams didn’t. Like we’ll really know anything about these players for the next 2-3 years.

— I thought it was a wonderful moment when ESPN’s Suzy Kolber made Alabama star Mark Ingram cry by showing him an email from his dad, Mark Sr., from prison.
But then I realized how incredibly emotionally manipulative and staged it was by ESPN. Watch this from the 3:00 minute mark on, and tell me that doesn’t ooze fakeness. (By the way, Mark Ingram Sr. is in prison for financial fraud).

**My beloved Jets didn’t pick until the 30th selection, so it was a pretty stress-free evening. It’s nice when your team is good enough to draft at the end of the first round (where only the best teams from the year before get to pick). It’s a weird feeling, having the Jets as one of the elite. I’d love to get used to it. Pats fans, Steelers fans, this must be what y’all feel all the time, right?

**Finally, Jack Edwards is a hockey announcer for the Boston Bruins. But this post has nothing to do with hockey.

He’s gone on some bizarre rants in his career, and recently he yelled at a Montreal Canadiens player to “GET UP!”
He’s just a strange guy. I love that he loves hockey, but he’s so over the top sometimes that he’s hard to take.
Anyway, this 2-minute speech he gave at the end of the Bruins-Canadiens Game 7 the other night may be the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, try to follow it. It’s got something to do with the American Revolution and royalty:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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