Why college students celebrated Osama’s death the most. A Doogie Howser thought. And Seinfeld and Rock brilliant in HBO special

Twenty-four hours after the news came that the U.S. had finally killed Osama bin Laden, I found myself thinking a lot about the college students we all saw pictures of during the wall-to-wall news coverage.
They were deliriously happy on campuses from Maine to California and all places in between; the incredible photo above is from Penn State.
And I got to thinking why above all others, these 18-to-21 year olds were so happy.
I mean of course, college kids want any excuse to party and blow off studying, but I think this goes deeper than that.
I have a theory. For these college kids today, Osama bin Laden ruined their childhoods. They were 8, 9, maybe 10 years old on 9/11, and they had to deal with something at a young age that was so different from anything we as Americans have ever had to deal with before (of course we’ve had wars that have cost more lives, but as far as one single day, with one attack on American soil, this was unprecedented.)
Those kids saw unfathomable pain and suffering, more than any kid should have to see. And for the last 10 years, Osama bin Laden has been their real-life Bogeyman.
He’s not the monster under the bed, or in the closet. He’s the real-life person who caused them such emotional trauma at a time in childhood when they were most vulnerable.
So Sunday night, when they found out he was dead, it was like the monster was finally killed. And they could finally turn the light off and go to sleep.

**On a related note (ha) … so it’s last Saturday night, 2 a.m., and I’m flipping around the dial and stop on “Doogie Howser, M.D.” (Don’t judge. That show ruled). And it struck me while I watched the last scene (it was the episode where the cute nurse picked Vinny Delpino over Doogie), while Doogie typed his two-sentence thought, that Doogie Howser was the world’s first-ever blogger.
Way back in 1991, we had our first blog.

That’s all. I always knew that show was ahead of its time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**Finally, sometimes an HBO special is so brilliant you wish it could be a regular series. Someone had the great idea to put Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K., Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais in a room together for an hour, and let them talk about comedy, and tell some hilarious jokes.

C.K. in particular comes off as brilliant here (he gets the one-liner in the clip below), but all four of them are awesome. The show is called “Talking Funny,” and it’s on HBO on Demand, and throughout the week airing on HBO’s regular channels.
I’m telling you, it’s laugh after laugh.
And you’ll never be able to hear Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” the same way again.

3 responses to “Why college students celebrated Osama’s death the most. A Doogie Howser thought. And Seinfeld and Rock brilliant in HBO special

  1. I hate to sound jerky and old, but I think it was the partying. Now, I don’t think that was everyone’s intention, but I did spot A LOT of koozies in those crowds on the news.

    • Rachel, You don’t sound old and jerky, no worries! You may be right; it might be mostly about the partying. I just hope and think it’s a little more than that.

  2. sanford sklanksky

    I enjoyed the Talking Funny program, but for some reason I did not find as many laughs as you did. Maybe I have to watch it again. How ever The Sitting on the Dock of the Bay line was hilarious.

    And about Bin Laden, I came across this column today. While the author thinks it was good that Bin Laden is not around anymore, he does wonder if Bin Laden did not win in the end.


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