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The NRA’s winning streak continues. Nadal goes down on clay, stunningly. And an awesome Frisbee trick-shot artist

You know what depresses me? Not much. I’m the most optimistic person I know.
But the NRA and its stranglehold over America depresses me.
My smart and funny friend April Hall pointed me toward this story. The National Rifle Association has decided that pediatricians, those evil, horrible ENORMOUS threats to the gun owning population of America, must be stopped.
Yep, they’ve gotten the Florida legislature (always a bastion of liberalism, this is the body that just allowed gay adoption last year) to craft a bill, likely to be signed by our idiot Gov., Rick Scott, that bans pediatricians from asking new parents if they have guns at home, and if they’re stored safely.
Which is a question doctors have asked new parents for ages.
And what, exactly, is the harm in the family doctor reminding parents to store guns safely? Well, clearly that’s a moral stance the docs are taking. Clearly they’re showing their disapproval for guns by having the chutzpah to ask owners to be responsible!

We can’t have that now, America, can we? How dare those doctors tell us what to do with our pistols and our rifles???

It’s disgusting how much sway the NRA has on our laws. Forget about having the Republicans in their pocket, as they have for generations. They’ve got 95 percent of the Dems in their pocket, too.
There is no single more powerful group in America, I truly believe that.
And every politician is too damn spineless to stand up to them. So the NRA runs roughshod over state legislatures and the Congress.
Makes me sick to my damn stomach.

**Novak Djokovic is playing tennis on another planet right now.
And he keeps knocking down barriers that the rest of us think will stop him.
The latest came on Sunday. “Nole,” as he is called, was playing on clay, in Spain, against the pride of the country, Rafael Nadal.
It’s kinda like going up against Superman on Krypton.
But Djokovic didn’t just beat Nadal, snapping the Spaniard’s 37-match win streak on clay. He physically punished him, winning 7-5, 6-4 for Djokovic’s absurd 32nd straight win this season.
As someone who’s watched this rivalry for years, it’s astonishing to watch Djokovic push Nadal around the court. He crushed Nadal in the winners dept. (27-17), and really was never in danger of losing the match.
That’s 3 straight wins for Djokovic over Rafa.

I thought this quote was stunning; Nadal was asked after the match about whether he thought his No. 1 world ranking was in danger this year.
“The No. 1 ranking is not in danger — it’s finished,” Nadal said. “Let’s not lie to ourselves, that’s the reality.”
Man, I cannot wait for the French Open to start in 2 weeks.

Course, Rafa did have the shot of the year in the match Sunday. Check out this insane between the legs lob winner:

**Finally, some cool Frisbee action for your Monday. This is from a kid at the University of Florida named Brodie Smith.
He’s apparently some sort of Frisbee savant. Check out all these sick trick shots he makes; my favorites are the ones at :45 and at 1:58: (the latter one took only six tries, Smith says)