Mitch Daniels doesn’t care about women’s health. A touching Joe Poz piece. And a very cool time-lapse video

I keep hearing how Mitch Daniels is the secret hope of the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential election. How this plain-spoken fella from Indiana can get along with Democrats and has “good ideas” and knows what he’s talking about.

Yeah, after Tuesday, I say this: Mitch Daniels, you’re an uncaring scumbag like so many of the rest of ’em.
And any woman who votes for him is out of their damn mind.
I say this because Tuesday Gov. Daniels decided, in his infinite wisdom, to sign a state bill that will cut off funds significantly to Planned Parenthood, an organization that helps women (ALL women, not just Democratic-voting ones!).
Daniels has signed it because, of course, of the damn myth that Planned Parenthood mostly just helps women get abortions. Except for the fact that that’s only THREE percent of what PP does.

So let me ask you, Mitch, what you’re so against: That Planned Parenthood helps screen women for cancer? Yeah, we don’t want ANY of that going on in Indiana, do we?
That it helps women who have contracted STDs? Or maybe you’re just against the incredibly nefarious Planned Parenthood employees who counsel women about contraception and family planning?

You know, family planning, what you and your fellow GOP hypocrite schmucks are always talking so much about, that you want the “family” to be together, and that everyone in America should have a nice, stable family.
Well, Planned Parenthood tries for that, too. But nope, you’re too stupid to see that.
And so, even as Planned Parenthood takes Daniels and Indiana to court over this, the state’s PP chapters are about to lose 2/3 of their funding.

So go ahead, women of America, vote for this intolerant, short-sighted idiot. Vote for a man who doesn’t want you to be able to get pre-screened for cancer. Vote for a man who is SO against you having a say in your own reproductive rights that he’ll throw out the baby with the bathwater, and cut off funding to a group that does so much more than deal with abortion.

Mitch Daniels, a man who doesn’t care about women. I think that’ll make a good bumper sticker, don’t you?

And now, for a palette-cleanser …

**I could write about every Joe Posnanski blog he writes, that’s how good they are.
But I realize that you might not worship him as much as I do. So I keep it selective. But I urge you to read this beautiful piece he wrote, his farewell to his adopted hometown of Kansas City after 15 years.
It’s about home, and how a place gets inside of us like we never thought it would, and the sadness that comes when we have to leave that place.

I could identify with some of this; I’ve lived in four different cities since graduating from college, and while I’ve liked each of them a great deal, no place but New York has felt like home yet.
Take a few minutes and read this piece, please. I predict it will touch your heart as it did mine.
And I’ve never even been to Kansas City.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**Finally, this was sensational, I thought. A visual artist named Dominic Boudreault created this short time-lapse video of different cities. Of course I love the New York one the best…


One response to “Mitch Daniels doesn’t care about women’s health. A touching Joe Poz piece. And a very cool time-lapse video

  1. Wow that time lapse video is incredible. Favorites were the Brooklyn Bridge and then those last five images were just amazing.

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