Daily Archives: May 12, 2011

A great story written by a dockworker. South Dakota really doesn’t want to let you get an abortion. And Seinfeld’s cool new website

Great writing can be found anywhere. Not only in the New Yorker, or the Washington Post, or in books.
And there are so many great writers among us, who just don’t have a wide audience.
And I get so much joy out of reading something great by someone I’ve never heard of.
Take John Hyduk. He occasionally does some work for Cleveland magazine, but his regular job is on a loading dock, working the night shift and making sure the soda count is right for the bottling distributorship he works for.
He writes simply, in layman’s terms, but shows us a side of life we hardly ever get to see from a first-person perspective.
Start reading this story he wrote for Esquire. I bet it’s unlike anything you’ve read in a long time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
**Rachel Maddow, who does excellent work, had this eye-opening piece on the incredible restrictions placed on women who want to get abortions in South Dakota.
It’s disgusting that lawmakers are allowed to get away with what is, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, a LEGAL medical procedure.
Just awful.

**Finally, the great Jerry Seinfeld, who I’m proud to say I saw live in concert at Westbury Music Fair on Long Island in the 80s, LONG before he was famous, has created a new website.

It’s filled with all his old bits from every show he’s ever been on. He parcels them out three a time, every day, and it’s fabulous.
Even if I’ve heard almost all of the jokes already. Check it out here.