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A fun night at the improv show. A crazy hockey goal. And the Wes Leonard tragedy, still reverberating

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I had a rare Monday night outing last night. My friend George has been taking improv comedy classes at this studio in Orlando for months, and Monday he invited us all down for his “graduation” show, in front of a live audience (that’s not them, above; just a random pic I found online).
It was an awesome time.
I love watching improv, because you can’t fake it. Either you’ve got the chops for it, and can think on your feet and be smart and funny, or you don’t.
It was fascinating to watch the 12 amateur actor/comedians on stage. Some of them were confident and fearless; within the first 10 minutes I could tell that Dustin and Alex (one of the four girls on stage) were terrific and were probably the stars of their class.
Just as easily, I could tell the two class members who struggled the most, I’m sure; they were nervous and hesitant and never quite sure when to jump in with a funny line.
Some of the skits were hilarious; George brought the house down with a line about the Lucky Charms guy and a rainbow (had to be there.)
Some of them were downright painful; in one sketch each of three actors had to pretend to be one of the other actors’ voices; it sounds impossible and it kinda was.
I’ve always wanted to try improv; I’m pretty quick on my feet, I love the stage (if you know me you’ll not be the least surprised that I volunteered Monday during one of the “audience participation” skits) and I think I’d be good at it.
One day I will try it. And hopefully I’ll be with a group as funny as the one at Orlando’s SAK Comedy Lab on Monday.
Great times with good friends, can’t beat that.

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**This is a pretty sick hockey goal, scored by Mikael Granlund of Finland in the hockey world championships Friday.
The announcer hyperventilates, but check out the replays of this incredible goal. Not sure I’ve ever seen one scored like it in a game.

**Finally, you may remember in early March the tragedy of Wes Leonard, the 17-year-old Michigan high school basketball player who collapsed and died of a heart attack following Fennville High’s final game of the regular season.
Playing with a burden most of us will never know, the team honored their teammate and won three playoff games before its season ended.
ESPN’s terrific “Outside The Lines” TV show took a look at Fennville and how its coping, 2 months later. It’s a beautiful piece told without narration, just the voices of those who’ve lived this tragedy and come out the other side.
Warning: You may need some tissues while watching this one. But it’s worth it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.