John Lithgow dramatically reads Newt Gingrich. And Oprah, making another dream come true.

John Lithgow is one of those actors who I forget about for years, then see him do something funny, and I’m like “Of course! I love John Lithgow! Why haven’t I thought about him more?”

The acting legend was at it again last week; this was from the Stephen Colbert show last week. It’s Lithgow, doing a dramatic reading of a Newt Gingrich press release. Brilliant:

**So you may have heard that Oprah Winfrey is wrapping up her show in a few days.  I’ll probably have more to say about Oprah in a few days after I watch her final shows (no, I don’t watch Oprah usually, but I’m a sucker for series finales and stuff like that); she’s a complex woman who has done so much good for so many, and spreads her wealth around in a very good way.
Yes, her followers are a little cult-like, and yes, Oprah gets way too preachy sometimes, but she still does so much more good than bad.
As her show has wound down, she seems to be making even more grand gestures than usual. I was moved by this video I came across Saturday; it’s Oprah and her “favorite guest,” a woman named Terarai Grant, who rose from being a poorly-educated, abused woman in Zimbabwe to get her Masters degree and become a successful businesswoman (see Oprah’s original story about Grant here).
The other day, on one of her final shows, Oprah made this incredible gesture to help Grant. It moved me; hope you like it as well.

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