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A prayer for Gary Carter. “Men of A Certain Age” is back. And ultimate chutzpah in a divorce proceeding

I was always a Yankees fan growing up.
But I loved Gary Carter. Even though he was a Met.
It’s pretty hard not to like Carter. As a catcher for the Mets and Expos, his Hall of Fame career was marked by home runs, great  play behind the plate, but most of all, his huge smile.

The guy just looked like he was always having fun. He played the game with such an infectious enthusiasm, and it was impossible not to notice how much he loved what he did.
My ultimate memory of Carter the player is  when I was 9 years old. In 1984 and the Mets had just acquired Carter, and they had these great young pitchers like Dwight Gooden and Ron Darling, and I remember they got off to a great start that year, and Carter was just such a spark, encouraging the young guys, hitting a ton, and just letting the fans know that the Mets were back, and would be good again.

I’m thinking of Carter this week, if you haven’t heard, because he just received some awful medical news. Doctors found four tumors on his brain, and after further testing, it was determined that they were inoperable. Which, of course, means Carter’s chances for survival are pretty slim.

Truly awful news for one of sport’s all-time good guys. Spare a thought or a prayer for Carter today; he could us all the help.

**Yay, one of my favorite shows is back!
If you’re not watching TNT’s “Men of A Certain Age” yet, you really should be. I’ve waxed poetic about its greatness before; it stars Ray Romano, Andre Braugher, and Scott Bakula as three guys in their 40s trying to figure out life. It’s funny, smart and tugs at your heartstrings sometimes, too.
The new season started Wednesday night, with a really solid episode. It’s On Demand and on TNT a few times this weekend; definitely check it out.

**Finally, this is the absolute ultimate in chutzpah. Steve Simkin and Laura Blank got divorced in 2006. They split up their considerable assets 50/50, and each got a significant amount of cash. They also had money invested with a fella named Bernard Madoff, who a couple years later got into a little trouble.
Something about a Ponzi scheme.
When they split up, Blank took her money out of the Madoff investment. But Simkin decided to keep his money with Madoff.
Well, obviously Simkin lost all the money he invested. And now, after being swindled, he’s got the gall to challenge the original divorce agreement he made, and is asking in court that she turn over millions of her settlement to help offset the money he lost with Madoff.

My incredulous response: Are you freaking kidding me, Mr. Simkin? Your wife is supposed to share her half of the settlement because you blew it with Madoff? That’s absolutely insane.
I can’t believe the courts are even considering this.
By the way, if this sounds like something you’ve heard before, it was part of  a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode a couple of years ago. Purely coincidence, though, says Larry David.
Unbelievable, this Simkin guy. What nerve.

The guy who beat himself up (literally) over Oprah tickets. Another ridiculous infomercial. And adult spelling bees?

Men make life so hard on themselves sometimes.
For example: Robert Spearing of Ontario had a great idea: His wife is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey, so Spearing, being a great husband, told her he got tickets to Oprah’s Farewell special at the United Center.
And Mrs. Spearing was delighted. The couple drove all the way from Ontario to Chicago, thrilled at the chance to see Oprah before she left her show.

But the day before the big taping, Mr. Spearing went to police with the horrible news that he’d been mugged, and the rotten thieves had stolen his Oprah tickets! (Criminals are huge fans of Oprah, everyone knows that). Spearing went to the hospital with cuts on his head.
Somehow, the fine policemen of Chicago got a little suspicious of Spearing’s story.
It turns out that Mr. Spearing never had Oprah tickets. And to avoid disappointing his wife, he pretended to get mugged.

I’m not exactly sure what his plan was, given he HAD NO TICKETS. But he did spend a night in jail, so maybe that got him some sympathy from the wife.

But probably not. I’m sure she really wanted to see Oprah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**This thing pretty much speaks for itself. Does the world really need a Koozie Pocket Shirt? I don’t think so. But hey, maybe it’s just me.

**Finally, this week brings my favorite “sporting” event of the year. Yes, the Scripps National Spelling Bee! I love the Bee, as I said last year. It’s full of drama and excitement and I just love seeing smart kids get rewarded on national television. (it’s on ESPN Thursday night at 8:30, if you’re a bee fan like I am).

Apparently I’m  not the only grown-up who likes Spelling Bees; according to this story on NPR’s Only a Game, spelling bees for adults are growing in popularity. These people in Louisville have them at a bar, and it’s a whole social thing.

Very interesting stuff. I totally want to find one here in Florida that I can spell at.