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Anthony Weiner and the rule politicians always ignore. A stunning hockey game. And Jon Stewart shreds Trump, defends NY pizza hilariously.

Since I’m sure you or someone you know is talking about it today, some thoughts I had on the Anthony Weiner texting dirty pictures scandal:

— I don’t know why politicians (or celebrities in general) never, ever, ever learn from other people’s experience. The absolute No. 1 rule, as any PR person or anyone with a brain in their head can tell you, is that when a scandal breaks, never lie. Once the news is out there, tell the truth, as much truth as you can.
Because just like in Watergate and so many other controversies, this Anthony Weiner thing got worse because he lied.
Speak up with the facts immediately once you’re caught, and you’ll take some lumps for a few days. But do something incredibly stupid like lie and obfuscate and stammer and THEN, a week or so later, finally admit what we knew all along, just makes you look like a pompous jackass.
Weiner’s political career is probably cooked (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). And it’s as it should be. The man was a rising star in the Democratic party, but he’s clearly shown he’s too stupid to lead. Again, the act itself, (basically sending a dirty email) isn’t that offensive.
It’s the cover-up, the lying and the sheer recklessness that bothers me the most.

– I pictured headline writers at the New York tabloids giddy with excitement Monday night, as thousands of weiner-related headlines ran through their heads.

— So much of political sex scandals are about ego. Bill Clinton, certainly. Gary Hart, no doubt. But a small-time Congressman from New York, how big of an ego could you possibly have when you’re just a Congressman?

— Finally, this question remains above all others: Did he think Twitter was somehow private? Even if he thought he was sending a personal “direct message” on the site, doesn’t he know how often Twitter feeds get hacked? Again, stupidity reigns. I swear, some of these guys are such morons with their careless behavior (see Spitzer, Eliot) that I think subconsciously they want to get caught.

**Insane hockey game in the Stanley Cup Finals Monday night. After scoring two goals in two games and losing both of ’em, the Boston Bruins erupted for an 8-1 win over Vancouver. Now we’ve got a series.

There was great hitting, some fighting, some dirty play, and all kinds of interesting stuff going on last night.
But for my money, this was the play of the game (above), Bruins goalie Tim Thomas throwing a body-check. Love it when goalies act like skaters…

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I love Jon Stewart, as you know if you come here often. And his rants are almost always funny.
But this one, this one had tears coming out of my eyes, I was laughing so hard. I think I may have woken up the neighbors, my chuckling was so loud.
It’s from last week, when Mr. Stewart heard about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump having pizza together in NY.
On behalf of all NY’ers, Jon, thank you for defending the honor of one of our civic treasures: