Daily Archives: June 12, 2011

A beautiful father and daughter story about reading. The most ridiculous scientific study, ever. And an ode to NBA benchwarmers

This story made me all kinds of happy, and I’m neither a father nor a daughter (that’ll make sense in a minute, I promise.)

Last week on CBS Sunday Morning, the story was told of Jim Brozina and his daughter, Alice Ozma, from New Jersey.
When Alice was in the 4th grade, Jim was worried that as Alice grew, their close relationship might suffer a bit. So he made a vow to read her a story every night. And he kept that up, every night.
For nine years.
Alice came home from parties in high school so she could read with her Dad. They didn’t miss a night, amazingly.

It’s a beautiful story about fathers and daughters (Alice wrote a book about it) and the joys of reading. It’s guaranteed to brighten your Sunday. And make you want to read a book.

**This is one of the more ridiculous scientific “studies” I’ve ever seen. It basically says that vivid TV advertisements make people believe they’ve had experiences that they haven’t really had. Like, they gave one group of subjects popcorn, and another one didn’t, then showed the subjects a really awesome TV commercial about popcorn.
Then they followed it up by asking the subject groups about the popcorn, and some people in the group that didn’t get popcorn actually said it tasted good and they enjoyed it.
I’m sorry, I call B.S. on this study. But here, read for yourself. 

**Very psyched about Game 6 of the Mavericks-Heat series tonight. LeBron gets one more chance to prove he’s not a stiff in the clutch. Excellent column here by Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Mr. James and his big moment.

Personally, I think Dallas must win tonight if it’s going to win the series. Winning a Game 7 on the road is gonna be awfully tough.

Anyway, who cares about Dirk or Dwyane? The real drama is with the benchwarmers. Check out this funny video (above) by Jimmy Kimmel and Usher about the dudes who never play…