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A brilliantly funny letter, from a Mom to her spawn. The Heat go down in flames to the Mavs. And a beautiful Tony Awards moment

They threw a party back in July, celebrating like they’d already won a championship.

Go ahead, click this video and watch it. You’ll see LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, with one title between them, ever, prancing and preening and carrying on like they were the greatest damn thing ever.
All year, they had a target on their back. And rightfully so.
They rolled through everybody in the playoffs, until they ran into the Dallas Mavericks, who finished off a surprisingly convincing Game 6 Sunday night, and won the NBA title.
It was a fabulous game, just like every other game in this series.
So many thoughts… I’ll try to be fairly brief.
— LeBron James’ legacy is not forever tarnished, and people who are saying that forget that the dude is only 26. He’ll have at least another 10 years to get a few rings. But wow, this series really does damage to his rep for a while. He was better Sun. night in the 4th quarter, but not good enough.

— Can’t say enough good things about the Mavs. Their role players all were fantastic; Tyson Chandler got so many big rebounds in Game 6. Jason Terry was unconscious shooting the ball. J.J. freaking Barea couldn’t be stopped, and even DeShawn Stevenson chipped in.
It wasn’t just Dirk Nowitzki. This was a hell of a team effort.
— Very happy for Jason Kidd, 38 years old, in the league so long, and finally getting a title. I wish he’d gotten it for my Nets, but hey, at least he got one. One of the 5 greatest point guards to ever play.
— Definitely bummed we didn’t get to see NBA commish David Stern have to hand the trophy to his mortal enemy, Mark Cuban. In a classy move, Cuban had original Mavs owner Donald Carter accept the trophy.
—  That relentlessly promoted ABC show “101 ways to get thrown off a Game show” or something like that? Yeah, I’ll probably watch 1 episode. I’m sick like that.
— Hope you enjoyed Game 6 if you’re a basketball fan.  NBA is headed for a lockout this fall, just like the NFL has. Yep, millionaires arguing with billionaires in another sport.
Good thing we have hockey. Go Bruins! (Game 6 tonight).

**Tricia Bliven Chasinoff is a friend of a friend. She’s the mother of two, she’s smart, she’s funny, and she’s just a really cool person (though I’m sure she’d vehemently deny that.)

She writes a blog called Just Breathe, about her life, and motherhood, and all the crazy stuff that goes on.
This may be her funniest blog post yet. It’s titled “Letter to My Spawn,” and I predict at least 7-9 chuckles if you read it. It’s honest and witty and if you’re a parent, you will totally empathize.

**Finally, didn’t watch Sunday’s Tony Awards since it was on against Mavs-Heat, but did catch this online. Larry Kramer, one of the most important AIDS activists of all time, saw the revival of his play The Normal Heart win a slew of big awards.
Kramer gave a short, eloquent speech here about the cause that has inspired his life.
Thirty years after the scourge of HIV/AIDS was first discovered, people like Larry Kramer are still fighting for acceptance.