The two men who are the typo police: my heroes! A way cool hula hoop video. And the man who stopped paying his fellow gov’t employees

I have two new heroes. Their names are Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, and it is their life’s mission to fix typos on signs and restaurant menus.
This is an enormous pet peeve of mine. It drives me crazy to see how many mistakes there are on marquees, on printed materials, and especially on restaurant menus. (True story: I once stopped eating at a good deli in NYC because even after I pointed out the typos on the menus (hand-written every day, fresh, mind you!) to the owner, they never would fix them.
Call me a spelling snob, I don’t care. It shows me, as a customer in your establishment, that if you don’t care enough to spell things correctly and check them over, how much attention are you paying to other areas of the business, like service?

Anyway, I love what Jeff and Benjamin are doing. I’d buy them a tank of gas or two if they asked me to.
Typos are a scourge on the fabric of this country, because people just don’t care anymore. They don’t care about accuracy, about professionalism, about spelling things right.

Rock on, Jeff and Benjamin. Keep fighting the good fight.
(Update: I must come down from my high horse a little. I had a couple of typos in my post about typos. They’ve been fixed. Insert your own joke here.)

**This may either creep you out and make you dizzy, or like me you’ll think it’s really cool. This is the view of what hula-hooping looks like, from the point of view of a hula hoop:

**Finally, this story stopped me in my tracks Tuesday night. The Controller of the state of California stopped the paychecks for all 120 state lawmakers, after he determined they failed to meet a voter-approved law that gets the Legislature to approve balanced budgets on time.
The Controller, John Chiang is quoted as saying  “The decisions we make in this office are incredibly difficult, but we call it straight. In many senses we view ourselves as a neutral umpire. We call balls and strikes.”

This is fascinating to me. Here’s a government worker basically holding politicians to a state-mandated promise: balance the budget. And to hopefully stop all the bickering and arguing, he stopped paying the legislators.
Of course, both sides of the aisle are pissed at Chiang.
Which means he probably came up with a great idea. Maybe it’ll catch on.

4 responses to “The two men who are the typo police: my heroes! A way cool hula hoop video. And the man who stopped paying his fellow gov’t employees

  1. I’ve been known to correct a sign or two … I just need to remember to keep a Sharpie and some Wite-Out with me!

    There’s one I drive by several times a week that says, “BIG RIG’S PARK IN BACK.” Unfortunately, that one would require safety yellow tape to cover the big ol’ apostrophe. Wonder where I could find that …

  2. I think you meant to say “I once stopped eating at a good deli…” rather than “I once stopped eating a good deli”. Is grammar not a typo? Just saying.

  3. Actually, its not Chiang per se that is holding back legislators pay. This comes from last year’s voter-approved initiative that stipulated this new rule. Since I’ve been here, Calif has never passed a budget on time. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and if there are any unintended consequences to the rule (like the more wealthy legislators holding the budget hostage because they can afford to).
    BTW, that hula hoop video is very weird…and confusing.
    Lastly, you’re such a spelling snob!

  4. I was sent here by Mary Lutz. I found three spelling errors/typos in your article. Maybe next time you will care a little bit more about “accuracy, professionalism and spelling things right” when you write an article about typos!

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