The cops bust a kid’s lemonade stand. Am I turning into an old man? (thoughts from school). And Fallon and Timberlake rap

Well, this story made me mad. Especially because it’s summer and a child’s lemonade stand is one of the most wonderful parts of the season. A hat tip to my friend Mark Mahoney (a Pulitzer Prize winner, by the way; I love calling him that) for pointing me to this one.
Seems police in Appleton, Wisc. (a town name that always makes me think of Larry Appleton, from “Perfect Strangers,” but I digress) busted a lemonade stand run by two sisters, aged 9 and 10, because of a new city ordinance regulating vendors who sell stuff near a public event (there was a car show going on nearby).
Except the joke was on the police, because they read the law wrong and the girls weren’t in violation.
Like that really matters. It’s a child’s lemonade stand, for God’s sakes! What, are you afraid they’re going to drive business away from restaurants selling lemonade??? Do you think maybe terrorists are funneling money through those dastardly 25 cent cups of sweet, thirst-quenching goodness?

Ugh. I just hate these kinds of stories, because if you’re a police officer and you see kids selling lemonade, are there any circumstances in which you think “You know what, I need to shut this down”?
I hope the girls sell a ton of lemonade after this publicity.

**OK, I admit right up front that the fact that I’m at least 10 years older than most of my graduate school classmates this summer may be influencing my thinking.
But I’m a little worried I’m becoming an old fuddy-duddy. At least when it comes to the wardrobe of others.
Wednesday night in class, this girl walks in wearing the shortest pair of shorts I’ve ever seen. I’m talking, Hollywood Boulevard hooker-type shorts. Hoochies walking around South Beach-type shorts. (Shorts like that random girl in a photo I found on the Internet.) I really don’t think I’m exaggerating here; the shorts basically stopped at the bottom of her hips.
And I was kinda bothered by it. The girl is about 22 or 23, I’d guess. But I mean, is that really how a person dresses for a grad school class on a Wednesday night?
To see if I was just crazy or not, I asked my new friend Crissy, a fellow “adult” in her 30s who sits next to me in class (it’s amazing how friendly you can get with people when you see them for 3 1/2 hours every night) about it.
She said she hadn’t noticed. Then she looked over at the girl. She mouthed “Wow” to me.
That made me feel better. But you tell me, am I wrong to be judgmental here?

**Finally, I know normally seeing two white guys go through the history of rap, while performing it, would sound pretty lame. But since it was Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon doing it, it was pretty damn funny. The beginning, and the M.C. Hammer part, are my favorites:


One response to “The cops bust a kid’s lemonade stand. Am I turning into an old man? (thoughts from school). And Fallon and Timberlake rap

  1. um, just enjoy the shorts bro. id be as bothered as you if a guy wore them tho. as non homophobic as i am, men have absolutely no business wearing daisy dukes. 23 year old women on the other hand? well shit… haha. wear away i say!

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