A historic day in New York for gay marriage: 2 stories from the long fight. And Danish a capella singers do 90s dance music

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Sunday was a record-setting day in New York, and for the first time in a week it had nothing to do with the weather (seriously, I know I just moved from Florida, but I didn’t mean to bring the oppressive July heat with me. Sorry).
Across the state, from Niagara Falls to Long Island, from the Bronx to Binghamton, it was finally legal for two men, or two women, to say “I Do.”
Thirty days had elapsed since the New York state legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a bill legalizing gay marriage, and the new law was official at 12:01 Sunday morning.
It was a phenomenal day; just look at the faces of the happy couples in this NY Times story to see why this meant so much.

To honor this day that was so long in coming, I’d like to share a couple of stories. Charlene Strong had me choked up listening to this tale on “The Moth” radio podcast recently. Strong, who has become a very prominent gay activist in Washington state, suffered a terrible tragedy and goes into excruciating detail about her situation, and how it galvanized her to make same-sex couples rights a major issue in her life. Listen to this fantastic story if you have time today; I guarantee it will move you.

**The importance of marriage affects gay people in so many other ways. My friend Tara Finnegan Coates (a fellow Delaware Blue Hen, whoo-hoo!) pointed me to this excellent story by a woman named Beth Daniels, who explains how because her same-sex relationship wasn’t officially recognized by Virginia, she was denied custody rights of her son when the marriage ended in divorce.

**Finally, this is awesome on many levels. It’s a group a capella performance from a Danish group called Local Vocal, and they’re performing 1990s dance hits, which as you know were pretty friggin’ numerous.

The first two minutes are my favorite part, but really, the whole thing rules.

Once again, I say for the 4,383rd time: God bless the Internet.

One response to “A historic day in New York for gay marriage: 2 stories from the long fight. And Danish a capella singers do 90s dance music

  1. Will Springstead

    I love listening to a cappella groups, and hits of the early 90s to boot! Thanks for finding that.

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