A politician accidentally “joins” a Mexican drug cartel. A very cool pool backflip. And the new doll that lets you breast-feed.

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So there are a few things as a local politician you can’t really control.
How smart your opponent is.
Whether unemployment goes up your district.
If your campaign logo is the exact same one used by a ruthless drug cartel.
Yep, I bet the Founding Fathers didn’t have to deal with the problem Judith Zaffarini, a state senator in Texas, has had to go through. Seems that Zaffarini was using a “Z” logo that looked exactly like that of the Zetas, a Mexican drug organization that does really, really bad things to people (they once carved the “Z” into the chests of people they tortured and ripped hearts out of. Lovely, I know).
So now Zaffarini is going with a new logo that is bound to be safer: It has a big circle and says “I support Casey Anthony!”

**It’s late July and everyone wishes they had a pool in their backyard (If you’re reading this and you do have a pool in your backyard, the rest of us hate you.)
Have to say, this is the most impressive pool backflip I’ve ever seen. If this guy tried it 100 times, he’d fail 99 times.

**Finally, this story sounds completely made up (like many of the stories I post here on Wide World of Stuff, come to think of it)  but I swear it’s real.
A Spanish toy company called Berjuan Toys has invented a new doll that you can breast-feed.
It’s called Breast Milk Baby, and it comes with a halter top that your child can wear that allows it to “nurse the doll.”
But wait, it gets better! According to this story, the doll “makes motions and suckling sounds when a sensor in its mouth comes close to a sensor inside an applique.”
Sounds like a delightful toy for boys and girls, and children of all ages.


One response to “A politician accidentally “joins” a Mexican drug cartel. A very cool pool backflip. And the new doll that lets you breast-feed.

  1. While I think the nursing doll is weird, children will imitate what they see, regardless if they have a doll to do it. Heck, even Luke used to raise his shirt and pretend he was nursing a doll when I would nurse Gavin. Americans really need to relax about the whole breastfeeding thing. It nothing sexual, just nourishing a baby!

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