A hilarious teacher’s contract from 1922: Women weren’t trusted too much. And Jon Stewart takes on GOP “victimhood.”

So far after three weeks of grad school, I’ve learned that my grades may be about what they were 15 years ago (hey, I’m still a B student, I haven’t lost my touch for slightly above-average work!) and that some teachers back in the day had it rough.
Take this hilarious (in hindsight) document my professor gave us the other night. It’s a 1922 Teacher’s Contract for women. For the salary of $75 per month, this is what women had to agree to (My comments in italics)

1. Not to get married. This contract becomes null and void if the teacher marries.
2. Not to have company with men.
3. To be at home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless in attendance at a school function (what if they had to go to the store to buy milk?)
4. Not to loiter downtown in ice cream stores (by far my favorite stipulation. What the hell was going on at ice cream stores in the 1920s? Were they bootlegging liquor or selling cocaine or something? Man, that Baskin-Robbins has always been known as a drug haven)

5. Not to leave town any time without the permission of the Chairman of the Trustees.
6. Not to smoke cigarettes.
7. Not to drink beer, wine or whiskey (but vodka was OK, apparently)
Not to ride in a carriage or automobile with any man except her brother or father (so not only no husbands, but no boyfriends either?)
9. Not to dress in bright colors.
10. Not to dye their hair.
11. To wear at least two petticoats (TWO? What if it’s 85 degrees in May, they’ve still got to be all bundled up? Cruel and unusual punishment. UPDATE: I’m an idiot for not knowing what a petticoat is. An alert female reader friend of mine, A.T.,  tells me it’s an undergarment for a skirt. Apologies for the mistake. Still, I think it’s crazy that they had to wear two.)
12. Not to wear dresses more than 2 inches above the ankle.
13. To keep the schoolroom clean, including scrubbing the floor weekly with soap and hot water.
And finally…
14. Not to wear face powder, mascara or to paint lips.

So there you go. Obey all 14 of those items, and you, too could’ve been a 1922 teacher.
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**Jon Stewart was on his game again Wednesday night, calling out the blatant hypocrisy (and really, it’s more than hypocrisy. There needs to be a stronger word than hypocrisy here) of the Republicans crying victimhood. During the last Sean Hannity quote of this sketch, I really thought Jon Stewart’s head might explode:

One response to “A hilarious teacher’s contract from 1922: Women weren’t trusted too much. And Jon Stewart takes on GOP “victimhood.”

  1. alright mike, my comment is going to be in multiple parts.

    1) about the teacher’s contract: that is a real laugh but that is the way things were in that era. they probably didnt want the teachers that were women dating or getting married so they didnt get distracted from work by having children of their own. no scandals allowed by showing to much.. -_-” wheres the fun in that?[ask a teenage boy, there is no fun there]

    2) the daily show: he makes alot of good points in that clip, republicans and democrats almost never get along, they’re always fighting about something..
    someone is always the apparent victim, but they both claim to be under attack when that happens. take what anyone says, interpret it yourself, then decide if you believe it. dont ever just agree for no reason.

    3) that clip makes me tempted to write a book myself. the title will be something along the lines of, “democracy, does it work here?” the basis for this is George Washington[you know, the founding father/first president] was right, so called ”democratic parties” should be avoided at all costs.
    i think[agree or disagree if you want, i dont really care either way, its my thoughts not yours] that by starting out already on one side, all you do is promote more conflict. violence does not often happen, but we did have a civil war in the past, remember that?[crazy old man shakes a cane and says, ”the south shall rise again!”] our democratic system gets alot of things done, but spends too much time arguing about other things, that are all too often small things..its time to be the united country that we claim to be..
    there..i think i’m done..sorry about the rant..

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