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Getting over your fear of heights isn’t helped when you’re trapped 50 feet up. Some Mariano Rivera love. And “Friday Night Lights” blows me away again

So pretend for a minute that you’re Talia Rodriguez, a recently-engaged woman in Texas. You’re getting set to marry the man of your dreams, William Mancera, but he has a paralyzing fear of heights.
So you decide that to help him overcome it, the two of you will go to the Zero Gravity Amusement Park in Dallas and go on the Texas Blastoff Bungee Ridge.
Great idea, right? William will see there’s nothing to be scared of.
Ah, Talia. Such a good idea at the time. How could she have known that the cords on the ride would get tangled, and the pair would get stuck 50 feet in the air, dangling, for three hours?
They had to be rescued by the fire department. Fortunately, they weren’t injured.
I love this quote from Talia:  “We will never go on these ever, ever again,” she said. “Our kids will never go on them, our brothers and sisters will never go on them – we’re done.”
Sometimes, true love is literally found in the clouds.

**I’m a pretty lapsed baseball fan, and a lapsed Yankees fan to boot. But Friday night the Yankees and Red Sox, tied for first place and playing each other at Fenway, sucked me back in a little bit.
And in the 9th inning, I got to thinking about Mariano Rivera. He’s been taken so for granted by Yankees fans, and baseball fans in general, because he’s been so good for so long. But do you realize how incredible it is that No. 42 is still getting the job done as a relief pitcher, 15 years after starting to dominate? And he still does it with two basic pitches. And the batters know what’s coming, and he knows they know, and this legend of the mound, now 41 years old, is still getting it done.
People talk about Pedro Martinez or Roger Clemens or Greg Maddux being the best pitchers of the last 25 years.
Maybe, just maybe, it’s Mo.
If you want to read more about Rivera, here’s Tom Verducci’s stellar profile of him from 2009.

**So I’ve mentioned before that I came very late to the party on “Friday Night Lights,” but have been catching up on Netflix a season at a time.
I’m almost done with Season 4 right now, and Friday night I saw maybe the best episode in the show’s history, the one called “I Can’t.”
More proof that this brilliant show was more than about just football: This episode was the most honest, accurate portrayal of a teenager’s wrenching struggle about whether to have an abortion as I’ve ever seen on TV. I ripped “Desperate Housewives” a while back for not having the guts to even discuss abortion on TV.
Well, “Friday Night Lights” had the guts to go there, and thanks to brilliant writing and acting, it was a hell of a show. Man, I can’t wait to get to Season 5, because Season 4 has been sensational.