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Riots in London and Israel: The cry of the desperate. Also, bats on a plane! And my much-delayed Harry Potter movie review

The pictures are horrifying. And they’ve been pretty numerous in a lot of different places over the past six months.

Rioting. Looting. People flooding the streets of major cities, demanding change. Sacrificing their bodies in a desperate plea to be heard. The voiceless crying out for a voice.
It happened over the weekend in Israel, and it’s been happening for three days in England. The pictures are impossible to ignore; thousands upon thousands of people looting, fighting and venting their anger.
Of course there’s more than one cause. You can’t lump Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and England all into one tidy explanation.
But as I watched the recent England fires, I didn’t feel anger at the protestors, or at the government that they’re railing against.
I just felt sad. Sad that conditions in England had become so bad for so many, that this was their only alternative. These aren’t drunken soccer fans pissed because their team lost. These are people who felt they had no other option. People with no money, in many cases no jobs, and little hope for the future.
It’s a horrible feeling to be that desperate, I would think.
They’ve been ignored for far too long, and this is their last chance to be heard.
For a wonderful blog post from the point of view of a England resident about what’s going on here, I strongly urge you to read this post from Laurie Penny. She expresses better what I’m trying to say here.
Read this, and feel the boiling anger of people who are tired of being ignored.

**Boy, I hope the people on this flight got a whole lot of extra drink coupons after this one. A Delta flight originating from Madison, Wisc. had a little problem with a winged creature onboard. Check out this awesome video (Random thought: Do you think the guy who trapped it in the bathroom was called “Batman” for the rest of the trip? I hope so).

**So about three weeks after every other Harry Potter fanatic saw it, I finally took in the final movie in the incredible series last weekend. It was breathtakingly good. Even though I knew how it ended (duh, same as the book), and even though I was prepared for this to be the last film in a series I’ve enjoyed so much, I was still pretty sad at the end.
And also exhilarated. It was a terrific movie for the series to go out on. The cinematography was again awesome; the heart of JK Rowling’s masterpiece was kept intact on screen, and the acting continued to be awesome (Alan Rickman deserves some kind of prize for his portrayal of Severus Snape).
Truly outstanding movie. I wish there were more.