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Finally, sex education comes to NYC schools. The NY Post stays classy. And an “only in NY” moment.

Bravo to an idea long, long overdue.
For the first time in 20 years, students in New York City’s middle schools and high schools will be required to take sex education class.
The class will include, according to this New York Times story, instructions on how to use a condom, and other birth control methods.
It’s about damn time. Too many kids have no idea about the risks of sex, they only see the fun parts. And this whole “Abstinence Only” movement that has been ramrodded down the throats of school districts across America by the Christian right has always been a farce.
New York City is at last acknowledging that educating kids about the sex they’re already having is the way to go.

**Ah, the New York Post. Hard for them to sink even lower than they’ve ever sunk before, but well, this may be a new low for them. Congrats!

**So this is the kind of thing that I never saw when I lived in Daytona Beach the last five years.
I get off the Cross Island Parkway Wednesday and get into the left lane, where I make my usual turn to go toward my apartment. And there seems to be some sort of backup. As I get closer, I see why: An older guy (maybe 60) with a gray beard has gotten out of his car and is yelling, loudly at a car in front of him while they’re stopped at the light. Angry Guy is gesticulating wildly, pointing and shouting while I see nothing coming from the driver he’s mad at.
So the light turns green, and Angry Guy walks back to his car while the rest of us go around him. And Angry Guy’s Enemy makes the left turn, and 20 feet later we’re stopped at another light (I’m now behind A.G.Enemy at this point).
Meanwhile, Angry Guy speeds up and races into the right lane, and pulls up next to his target at the light. Now I’m close enough to hear what Angry Guy is saying. “COME ON! COME ON!” followed by something in Spanish that sounded bad.

The other dude still isn’t saying anything that I can hear. Then the light turns green. Angry Guy cuts in front of me, intent on following his enemy. Enemy makes a left at the stop sign. Angry Guy follows with a left. Enemy then goes right at next stop sign. So does Angry Guy.
At this point part of me really, really wants to keep following them, because I’m convinced Angry Guy will follow his new friend all the way to his next destination, then get out and start a brawl. And how cool would that be to see?
But then I figured, this could end in gunplay. And who wants to be near that?
So I drove off. Still, I kept thinking: How insane is it to follow some stranger this long just because of something that happened in traffic?