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Should Bert and Ernie get married? 2 NFL kickers who show a ton of class. And the GOP debate amuses me greatly.

I can honestly say that throughout my childhood that the idea of Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street” being gay never occurred to me. (Although my father used to crack us up by impersonating both their voices. Seriously, my sister’s almost 40 and I guarantee she would still laugh if he did it today).
So what if they were two single men who lived together and bickered like an old married couple? So were Oscar and Felix from “The Odd Couple”, and no one wondered about them. Well…
Showing that there is no subject silly enough for Americans, it’s apparently become a discussion recently that since gay marriage is becoming more and more accepted in society, Bert and Ernie should tie the knot. There’s even a petition going. (I know, you’re shocked).
“Sesame Street” even had to issue a statement Thursday saying, basically, that they’re just best friends.
People, Bert and Ernie are muppets! They do not have a sexual orientation! And as the astute Twitterer Bill Walton wrote, shouldn’t we be more concerned with Oscar the Grouch’s homelessness?

**So many athletes who spend a long time playing in one city forget or ignore the bond the fans have built with them, and the emotional attachment that gets snapped when the player leaves.
I’m happy to say that two NFL kickers named John Kasay and David Akers do get it. Akers took out this great highway billboard (above) thanking Eagles fans for his 12 years in a Philly uniform.
And Kasay wrote a beautiful, heartfelt two-page letter in the Charlotte Observer, thanking Panthers fans for their support over the course of his career. Seriously, take a minute to read it, it’s really pretty special.

**Finally, a few quick thoughts on Thursday night’s GOP debate, which I watched snippets of (I know I shouldn’t every turn on Fox News, but I had to. It was too tempting tonight). It was wildly entertaining, for many reasons.

1. Watching Bachmann and Pawlenty go at each other should put that whole “Minnesota Nice” reputation to rest.
2. Jon Huntsman fought really, really hard to make you believe he’s a Republican, and a damn conservative one.
3. The incredible race to be the strongest candidate against raising taxes was hilarious. Ezra Klein summed it up best, with this question the moderators should have asked:  “So let’s say there’s a bus full of children speeding off a bridge, and to save them you have to raise taxes by $10…”
4. I would be terrified if any of those people became President. Absolutely, completely scared out of my mind.  But Bachmann, Gingrich and Santorum scare me the most.