Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway channels her inner Lil’ Wayne. Discovering the tapas craze. And a crazy brawl between Georgetown and China

Not a huge fan of Anne Hathaway, the actress. But as a person, she seems like all kinds of fun.
She’s a celebrity who never seems to take herself too seriously, and realizes laughing at yourself is a very important quality in life.
So here’s Hathaway with a pretty funny rap song about being stalked by paparazzi. Enjoy.

**This was a crazy, scary brawl Thursday between the Georgetown basketball team and a pro team in China. Lots of American college teams play overseas games in August, as a way to get ready for the upcoming season. But man, this was some serious fighting on a basketball court. Watch the madness, especially when the Chinese player at :25 starts whaling away at a Georgetown guy on the floor.

**Ate at a tapas restaurant for the first time Thursday. Apparently it’s been a craze, all over America people are opening up places where you eat small portions of unusual food like bacon-wrapped dates and lamb meatballs and interesting cheeses.
Have to say, I really liked it. Small portions, everybody shares at the table, and most of the food was excellent. Really enjoyed the dates (hey, anything bacon-wrapped is good by me) and these potato croquette thingies were delicious, too.
I think I’ll be going back.