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What do teachers make? Stuff more important than money. When meeting Prez, put on a damn shirt. And Donald Young grows up

A lot of you are students or teachers going back to school this week, or you’ve just recently gone back (like me). So hopefully you’ll appreciate this awesome video my sister Debbie pointed me to recently.  A poet and former teacher named Taylor Mali responded to a critic who mocked the relatively low level of educator’s salaries. His answer: Epic. And beautiful.

**OK this is just a quick rant/pet peeve. So I’m watching the CBS Evening News for a minute Sunday at my friend Andrew’s house, and they show President Obama touring the devastated area of Paterson, N.J., which suffered severe flooding during Hurricane Irene.
And in one clip (which sadly I can’t find on the Internet right now) Obama is seen talking to what looks like a husband and wife standing in front of their house.
And the man is talking to the President of the United States with NO shirt on. Just letting his belly fat all hang out. And I’m thinking, “come on dude, you’re talking to the President! You can’t go throw on an old T-shirt or something? I don’t care if it’s a Metallica T-shirt from 1987, or an “I’m with Stupid” shirt. Have a little respect for the man and the office! He’s not your paperboy, for God’s sake.
Just made me mad.

**One of my favorite things about sports (besides getting a surprise free ticket to the U.S. Open, which I’m getting today and getting the supreme luck of spending my 3rd day of the tournament at the stadium live!) is watching the evolution, and maturation, of a human being right before your eyes.
Donald Young was a product of the U.S. tennis hype machine long before he could drive a car. At 15 he was pronounced the future of American tennis: the male counterpart to Serena and Venus (Young was the rare African-American tennis stud), Young was going to take the torch from Andy Roddick and run with it.
Kid had charisma, great tennis skills, and was still growing into his body. He couldn’t miss.
Except, he did. Badly. He never lived up to the hype, didn’t grow as much (physically) as projected, and had a terrible attitude at times as well. Until six months ago, the 22-year-old Young was pretty much presumed to be a washout.
But the light goes on for people at different times, Young said this week. And his light has finally gone back on. And at the U.S. Open, Young has continued his awesome play of the last few months, winning three matches to get the Round of 16 for the first time ever.

His attitude’s better. He’s so much more mature. And he’s playing a fearlessly aggressive game, pushing more experienced players around the court.
The kid has grown up. It’s hard dealing with the hype at 15. At 22, when the hype took the last train out of town and into someone else’s village, it can all come together beautifully.
Watch Young Tuesday at the Open if you can. He’s become the best story of the Open.