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“Parenthood” is back. Yay! The car-jacker who got a ride to the police station. And in praise of an all-time classic movie

The Bravermans are back! All 47 of them who are on “Parenthood.” OK, they don’t have 47 characters on the best show on television, but the cast is bigger than the GOP presidential nominees group. And a hell of a lot more interesting and diverse, too.
The new season, the show’s third, had its premiere Tuesday night, and I was super excited for it.

OK, now we can continue. It was a pretty good episode, though with some crazy plot ideas foreshadowed. I liked seeing Adam struggling with not being able to provide for his family, and the montage of him being bored out of his mind while unemployed was fabulous (as well as the “Charles in Charge” clip!).
I’m glad Crosby and Jasmine aren’t back together yet; she has every right to still be pissed at him. The Haddie storyline was weak, as usual (but I loved the reference to “Friday Night Lights” involving Michael B. Jordan, who was on both “Parenthood” and “FNL”).
And I’m sorry, Julia is going to buy the coffee lady at work’s baby and adopt it? They really can’t go forward with that storyline.
Still, as always with “Parenthood” there were many sweet moments Tuesday. I’m so glad it’s back. If you still aren’t watching it, give it a try.

**So this story made me feel like good sometimes triumph over evil.
A Kansas City woman named Rayna Garrett was car-jacked on Tuesday, as a man jumped on the hood of her car and pointed a gun at her, demanding she keep driving.
So where did Garrett drive to? The nearest police station. Where Dionette Price was arrested.
Good thinking, lady.

**How do you know a movie is a classic? For me, a major way is if I’m still laughing at the jokes after 50 viewings.
I watched one of my all-time favorites the other night, “The Princess Bride.” The great Joe Posnanski once wrote that there are two kinds of people in this world: People who love “The Princess Bride” and people who don’t have a heart.
I kind of agree. I hadn’t watched it from beginning to end in a while, and it made me happy that I still laughed at the same parts.
The movie is pitch-perfect. The writing brilliant. The acting phenomenal (led of course by Wallace Shawn’s Vizzini and Billy Crystal’s Miracle Max). I truly can’t believe there are people out there who don’t love it.
But alas, there are. And we need to find these people, hunt them down, tie them up, and give them Miracle Max’s magic pill to revive the “mostly dead.”