Daily Archives: September 17, 2011

Ever wanted to rent out your bathroom? Eh, me neither. And Virgin Atlantic airlines really cares about its passengers

A couple of “I can’t believe this either” stories for a delightfully crisp cool Saturday here in NYC:

We’ve all been there. We’re out somewhere, we’ve really got to go to the bathroom, but there are no toilets around. For men, well, we can pretty much pee anywhere. But for women, it’s more complicated.
Never fear, or better yet, you may never have to hold it in again! There’s a new cell phone app called Cloo, which allows homeowners to make their private restrooms available to the public for a small fee.
Here’s how it works:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is kind of creepy on many levels. Do you really want some stranger hanging out in your bathroom for God knows how long? And are you really that desperate to pee that you’ll just go invade someone’s house that you’ve never met?
Seems dubious to me. But hey, if you need the cash, better to sell you toilet than your body, I s’pose.

**Love this story. Virgin Atlantic airlines has decided it won’t let its passengers be surprised by the powerful emotions of its in-flight movies.
The company has decided to issue “emotional health warnings” on all of its flights when movies are shown that might make passengers cry.
So now all those VA flight attendants have to pack extra Kleenexes for passengers when “Rudy” or “Beaches” is shown.
I think it’s a great idea.

**And finally, since it’s football season, and I cannot get enough of this incredible show I just finished watching…. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts….