The incredible stats about pot arrests in U.S. A son comes out to his father, on YouTube. A brilliant riposte to Rick Perry.

As I’ve said on this blog before, I think it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal in this country. So many millions of dollars wasted, so many millions of jail cells needlessly occupied by people who perpetrate a victimless crime upon themselves, and don’t get violent while using it.
These stats released this week astonished and saddened me.  According to the FBI, 52 percent of all drug arrests in America in 2010 were for pot. Think about that for a second: Crystal meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, all of those drugs COMBINED for fewer arrests than pot.
Arrests for simple marijuana possession accounted for 5.7 percent of ALL arrests in America last year. 750,000 people were arrested for smoking pot last year.
It is insane that this country, no matter who’s in charge of the government, continues to prosecute marijuana users, when there are so many more important law enforcement priorities.
Legalize it. Tax it. And let’s move on to the really important issues, shall we?

**Hopefully you’ve seen this by now; this is beautiful. Randy Phillips, a 21-year-old member of the U.S. Armed Forces, emboldened by the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” finally came out to his father, over the phone. And broadcast it live on YouTube. Listen to the emotion in both men’s voice, and know what an enormous relief the end of that horrific DADT policy must be for so many of our brave soldiers.

**Finally, I sadly didn’t get to watch the latest episode of my favorite reality show, the GOP presidential debate, Thursday night (Damn grad school classes!)

But I heard my main man Rick Perry got trampled again, caught in his own idiocy. Also heard some in the crowd booed a gay soldier who asked a question (Stay classy, Tea Party people).
Also saw this sign on the Internet the other day and laughed out loud:

One response to “The incredible stats about pot arrests in U.S. A son comes out to his father, on YouTube. A brilliant riposte to Rick Perry.

  1. You think the US would learn from history. Oh wait we dont learn about that anymore. Alcohol prohibition, as big a failure as it was, was actually less of a failure than the current Marijuana prohibition. But in reality its like asking which was better for the Japanese…The Little Boy or the Fat Man. Meanwhile we have $14 trillion debt. Nothing to see here, move along…

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