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NYC doesn’t care if drivers can’t see. “Weeds” and “The Big C” finish off with shockers. And in praise of Mayim Bialik, who is awesome

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This story made me fairly pissed.
New York state reversed a law enacted in 2000, and now will no longer require drivers to pass a vision test if they want to renew their license.
Yep, any old person can “self-certify” that their vision is good enough to see an onrushing tractor-trailer or a squirrel jumping out in the middle of the road.
Or, you know, a STOP SIGN!!!!!!!!
Nobody has ever listened to me about this, but I have always believed that after the age of 50, motorists should be required to re-take a road test every five years. I said this even before I lived in Florida for five years, the state with more old people driving than palm trees.
It’s ridiculous how easy it is to keep a driver’s license in America. And now, New York state has just made it even easier.
Good job.

A couple of my favorite TV shows ended their terrific seasons on Showtime on Monday night.
And since sometimes it takes me a few days to remember to write about stuff, I’m only telling you about them now on Friday.
First, “Weeds.” Loved, loved, LOVED “Weeds” this season. The last couple of years were kinda disappointing; the show lost a lot of the humor and the heart that it had the first four seasons, and it just got a little too ridiculous.
But this year was awesome. Heylia came back, Shane was blisteringly good in his role, and Mary-Louise Parker kicked her usual ass.
Loved the finale, with a giant compromise resulting in the Botwins and Nancy’s sister moving to Connecticut, and the final scene leaving a giant cliffhanger out there.
Before the season started, I was kinda hoping this would be the last season. Now, “Weeds” was so strong I’m hoping for more.
Even more shockingly good in its season finale was “The Big C.” I’ve said it on here several times; Laura Linney and this show are worth ordering Showtime by themselves. The finale of Season 2 about a woman slowly dying of cancer was a beautiful show, with an ending that literally had me sitting there with my mouth open and shouting “No!” (Oliver Platt is such a fantastic actor, isn’t he?)

Great, great, great ending to the show. Already looking forward to Season 3.

**OK, this will go without saying to anyone who watched “The Big Bang Theory” as religiously as I do: But Mayim Bialik absolutely positively slays me as Amy Farrah Fowler. Every time she’s on, she gets funnier and funnier.
She was very prominent in Thursday night’s episode, and killed as usual. I know the writing is a big part of why she’s so hilarious, but damn if our girl from “Blossom” doesn’t play Amy perfectly.
She has taken what was already a brilliant, hysterical show and made it so much better. I hope she’s on every episode from now on.
If you have never seen her, here’s a quick clip to give you an idea of her brilliance.

And, because who doesn’t miss “Blossom,” here you go…