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Down go the Yankees, as A-Rod and Co. choke again. The end of Friendly’s restaurants? And “everything’s amazing and no one’s happy”

Damn A-Rod.
And so another Yankees season has come and gone, rather remarkably, as the Bronx Bombers blew a golden opportunity in Game 5 of AL Division Series Thursday night, playing at home and Detroit not throwing its all-world ace, Justin Verlander.

The last few innings were tense and exciting; for all of baseball’s faults, to me no sport does drama better. The wait between each pitch heightens your anxiety as a fan; I was on the edge of my couch for 45 minutes.
A few scattered thoughts on Game 5 from the brain of this occasional baseball fan:

**Say this for Alex Rodriguez: Dude is consistent. He always fails to deliver in the playoffs. OK, that’s not true; he was awesome in 2009 when the Yanks won.
But save that one year, he’s been consistently awful. Twice in key spots Thursday night he came up in the late innings, and struck out both times.
What bothers me most about A-Rod is what I think bothers a lot of people: Guy’s body language out there is just awful. He always looks like he doesn’t care.

**Sad to see what was likely Jorge Posada’s last game as a Yankee. Guy was such a huge part of the dynasty of the late 1990s, and he always played hurt, and often played while going through personal trauma with his son.

**I liked listening to Ron Darling and John Smoltz on TBS, but I wondered this: Why is it pitchers are always the best broadcasters? How come hitters, besides catchers, are never in the booth?

**Derek Jeter’s shot to rightfield in the eighth totally felt like a game-changing home run. I was stunned it didn’t go out.
**Why did the Tigers win? It’s the month of Detroit, baby. Lions are 4-0, Tigers are in the ALCS, and U. of Michigan football is back. No city deserves this sports success more after the last few years of economic catastrophe there.

**Spent an inordinate amount of my childhood in Friendly’s restaurants.
And was very happy to do so.
I mean come on, who didn’t love Friendly’s? The enormous ice cream sundaes, the Big Beef burgers, the salty as all hell french fries? It was fantastic, as I remember it. Plus, it has never stopped being fun drinking a Fribble. Or saying the word “Fribble.”
My friend Andrew worked at Friendly’s in high school, and despite him never giving us enough free ice cream (hey, we saw it as our in), I kept going there constantly.
Now, it looks like the old chain may be in trouble. This week news revealed that Friendly’s is going Chapter 11, and may not be long for this world.
Makes me a little said, truthfully.

**This is one of those things that I thought I had blogged about several times but apparently not. It’s one of the funniest comedy bits I’ve seen in a long time. I watched it several months ago and then my man Joe Poz  (in writing this beautiful tribute to Apple and the iPad) linked it so I watched it again Thursday.

The great Louie C.K., explaining how in 2011, “everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.” Four minutes of awesomeness.