A Detroit Lion who’s suffered more than most. The biker who got run over by an antelope. Cricket in Compton? Yep.

It has not been easy being a Detroit Lion for the past 10 years.
They have been the worst franchise in the NFL, by a long shot. A laughingstock, a joke, a sorry excuse for a team, and often they’ve been the third-best team in the state of Michigan.
Course, that’s all changed now. Now the Lions are 5 and freaking oh, one of the last unbeatens in the NFL after a Monday Night Football stomping of the Bears last night.

So it’s a perfect time for Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel’s great story on Lion center Dominic Raiola, a poor sap who’s been with the Lions for 10 years and seen almost nothing but misery.
Till now.
This story is really worth your time. I’m so happy for Lions fans; they deserve joy after so much misery.

**Because who doesn’t want to see a biker get attacked by an antelope, I give you  Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa, who sorta had a problem during a recent road race (Don’t worry, he wasn’t seriously hurt).
Wonder what the guy did to piss off the antelope so bad.

**One of the most bizarre and unlikely stories you’ll read in quite some time is here.  Ex-gang members, police officers, and a few people who actually know the sport have joined together to form the Compton Cricket Club. That’s Compton, of South Central L.A., the one rap group N.W.A. sang about.

It’s a fantastic story of sport once again bringing some peace to a troubled spot on the globe. Enjoy.


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