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The U.S. House crushes women’s rights again. And winning your weight in ham off a golf shot

Once again, the U.S. House of Representatives has decided it knows what’s best for women.
And in absolutely no cases whatsoever does that include the right to an abortion.
Thursday the fearless white males in the House passed what’s being called the “let Women Die” Act (though of course these geniuses are calling it the “Protect Life Act.”)

H.R. 358 would ban abortion coverage for millions of women across the country and allow health care providers, including hospitals, to refuse a woman emergency abortion services, even if she would die without it.
So hey, who says the Protect Life Act has to, you know, protect lives? The life of the mother who carried the fetus for nine months isn’t nearly as important as that of the unborn child, is it? Didn’t think so.

Also, the “Protect Life Act” bans insurance plans in government-run exchanges created by the new federal healthcare law from providing abortion coverage, if a single person receiving premium assistance enrolls. Because a great majority of individuals on the exchanges will receive subsidies, the bill would essentially ban abortion coverage on the exchanges for everyone, including those paying for coverage entirely with their own private dollars.
And yes, it’s an excessive intrusion into the health care coverage for women and an attempt to force insurance companies to stop providing abortion coverage at any cost.

This has no chance of passing the Senate or getting past Barack Obama’s veto, but it’s still a disgusting attempt, yet again, by the far-right in this country to legislate their social views.
**It seems appropriate that the star of this next story is named Elliott Saltman.

Because it involves an enormous ham.
Elliott Saltman is a Scottish golfer who was playing in a tournament in Madrid, Spain.
He got a hole in one on the third hole of the course, which at that fine establishment meant Saltman won his weight in heavily salted ham.
So Mr. Saltman got 238 pounds of it. I wonder how long it’ll take him to eat it.
I love his quote: “I’ve been trying to lose weight, but now I’m thinking I should have just kept it.”

Man oh man, if I could win my weight in ham, I’d be one happy fella.
Of course, my rabbi probably wouldn’t be too thrilled…