It ain’t pretty, but I’ll take it: A Jets win. A coach who knows how to have fun. And Kenny Anderson coaching at a Jewish High School? Yep.

All right, so it wasn’t a thing of beauty.
So the New York Jets still have no clue how to start a football game well, and didn’t get much of a running game going, and frustrated me a few times Monday night against the Miami Dolphins.
Still, after three straight losses, I ain’t complaining. The Jets did what they had to do and beat the pathetic Fins, 24-6.
Some quickie thoughts before I go to bed and root for my cough to go away:
— Here’s what the Jets need to do, as once again Monday I had to watch their offense play horrendously until the middle of the 2nd quarter: About 40 minutes before game time, the Jets need to play an intrasquad scrimmage outside the stadium. Yep, get all warmed up and pretending its a real game, and that way once kickoff comes, they’ll think it’s the second quarter and start playing well.
I mean seriously, two years of slow starts call for drastic measures.

— Great job by the Jets O-line Monday. Mark Sanchez had plenty of time to throw. He wasn’t always accurate, but that’s not the line’s fault.
— Sanchez played well, but I’m still worried about him. In his third year, he should be better than this.
— Man, the Dolphins are awful. I mean, maybe the worst I’ve ever seen them.
— The MNF announcing crew is beyond putrid. I mean Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden, it seems like they’re watching a different game than everyone else. And they never shut up!
— Darrelle Revis: He’s good. Plaxico Burress? Not so much.
— 3-3 now for my boys, with two huge games coming up, against the Chargers and then Buffalo. Win them both, and the division title may still be within reach.

**I love a coach who knows how to have fun and connect with his students. Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams is one of the good guys. Friday night at Midnight Madness for college basketball (and God am I happy college hoops season is back; I may get to go to Duke-Michigan State on Nov. 15 at the Garden and my word will I be happy about that), Williams led his student section in “Sweet Caroline.”

All kinds of awesome.

**Kenny Anderson has had about 11 lives as a basketball player/famous person. He was an amazing NYC high school prodigy, then a fantastic college player at Georgia Tech, then a pretty good NBA player. He also made some incredibly stupid decisions and said some incredibly stupid things, the most famous being, during the NBA lockout of 1998, that he needed $20,000 of “hanging around money” to feel good.

Well, Anderson retired a few years ago and, not surprisingly, found that no one wanted him and his baggage to coach them.
So where is he now? Hilariously, he’s the head coach at the Posnack Hebrew Day School in Davie, Fla., a private high school.
I don’t know about you, but the thought of a former NBA star coaching a bunch of 5-foot-7 Jewish kids in Florida cracks me up tremendously.

It sounds like a great reality show: “He’ll teach them the crossover dribble, and they’ll teach him the Torah! Tune in Wednesdays at 8!”


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