The Ohio animal tragedy makes me sad. Qaddafi bites the dust. And the best 12 and under band in America

So a day after that insane story from Ohio about the man who let all the animals out and then killed himself, I am left brimming with questions.
I cannot fathom why Terry Thompson, a 62-year-old Zanesville, Ohio man,  would release 56 animals from his farm before killing himself on Wednesday.
Why, why, why would he do this? Was he trying to inflict damage on the world? Trying to free his animals, though he had to know that most of them would have to be killed?
Was he angry at the animals, for some reason? Such an unbelievably reckless and dangerous thing to do.
This story from the Cincinnati Enquirer says that Thompson was deeply in debt. But to do something like this?
I just don’t understand it. A man who loved animals as much as Thompson did, I can’t understand how he would do something like this.

It’s a small miracle that people weren’t seriously injured by the Bengal Tigers or the grizzly bears, or any of the other animals. The scene there on Wednesday was beyond chaotic, with animals roaming the streets and approaching cars.

What an awful, awful mess. So many animals killed, needlessly, because of the reckless and stupid act of one troubled man.

**So Muammar Gaddafi was killed Thursday, in pretty gruesome fashion, according to this riveting New York Times story. He was beaten by a mob, and executed at close range.

Let’s see now. In the last few months Osama bin Laden has been killed. Gaddafi’s gone, too, and Mubarak in Egypt has been exiled.
And yet Fidel Castro, 432 years old, still lives in Cuba. How in the world Castro has lived this long is truly incredible.
He and Keith Richards clearly know something the rest of the world don’t know.

**This video has been on YouTube for more than two years, but I saw it for the first time thanks to Bill Simmons’ Twitter feed. (Follow me on Twitter here.)
It’s a group of musicians 12 years old and younger, in a band called Recess doing “Separate Ways” by Journey.

And it is nothing short of awesome.

One response to “The Ohio animal tragedy makes me sad. Qaddafi bites the dust. And the best 12 and under band in America

  1. I think the guy in Ohio hated people more than he loved animals. Looks like he hoped the critters would kill or maim some of his neighbors before they were caught.

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