A wonderful invention for dog owners. A perfect analogy for teaching teenagers. And the bizarre Herman Cain ad.

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Today, a subject near and dear to many of your hearts, I am sure.
If you’ve ever been a dog owner like I have, you know the absolute joy that is picking up your dog’s poop.

Sure, there are fancy tools that make it so you don’t have to really touch the poop, but it’s still kind of a yucky job.
But wait, now it’s gotten easier!  The people at Pauli Clean Tech have made a device called the AshPoopie. What’s it do? It turns your dog’s No.2 into odorless, harmless ash. Yes, your dog’s waste can instantly be made hygenic and inoffensive to all!

I actually think this is a great product. Although the above promotional video does lead to a few questions:  Could we really make signs like the one at :14, and make certain areas of our world poop-free? And they say it takes less than a minute to do. What do you do while you’re waiting for the transformation, watch the process itself? ‘Cause that could get nasty and gross.

Still, I applaud you, Pauli Tech. You saw a need in the marketplace and filled it. Now Fido’s feces can be sent away like dust in the wind.

**Speaking of dogs, the high school teacher I’m observing gave me a wonderful analogy a few weeks ago when I started coming to his class, and it hit me again Tuesday while I, for the second day in a row, tried to get the 33 kids I was teaching to you know, stop talking for FIVE SECONDS and listen.

He said to think of teenagers like puppies. You have to train them to follow instructions, be careful not to give them too much to remember at once, and constantly lead them from one thing to another, lest they get confused.

Sounds about right to me. I also have officially joined the “teacher club” in one area; I could hardly talk Tuesday night since my voice was nearly gone, from teaching the last couple of days. Guess I gotta stock up on honey and herbal tea…

**Finally, I know it’s early in the presidential campaign season, but if there’s a weirder ad than this one from Herman Cain’s campaign manager, I’ll be stunned.
Seriously, what the hell were they thinking with this one? I love the part at 41 seconds where he just smokes in front of the camera.

One response to “A wonderful invention for dog owners. A perfect analogy for teaching teenagers. And the bizarre Herman Cain ad.

  1. good teaching analogy, Michael. BTW, I wouldn’t spend a dime on the dog invention. How much is it? Great idea, but I much prefer the “phantom pickup” or the go in unoccupied homes route.

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