An incredible World Series game. A thought about police officers on rainy nights. And how Charlie Brown was drawn

That was one hell of a World Series game last night. Man oh man. I didn’t watch most of it since I had class Thursday night, but came back in to it in the 8th inning and got sucked in.

For Texas to be one strike away in the ninth, leading by two runs, only to have David Freese hit a game-tying two-run triple (on a ball Nelson Cruz should’ve caught, and won’t he be thinking of that the rest of his life), then to have the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton, who has one of the most amazing life stories you’ll ever hear, hit a two-run homer in the 10th to put Texas back ahead … only to see the Rangers get 1 strike away again in the bottom of the 10th, only to see the Cardinals again tie it, and then win it in the bottom of the 11th on a Freese home run … insane.

A wonderful, heart-stopping, thrilling baseball game. The Series now comes down to Game 7, tonight, and I don’t know how Texas can possibly recover, emotionally, after Thursday’s heartbreak.

Man, baseball’s a beautiful sport sometimes.

**So this is something I’ve always wondered, and I’m going to throw it out here in case there are any police officers who read me on a regular basis (Hey, I have no idea who you people are, for the most part. I hope at least one officer can help).
When it’s a terribly cold and rainy night, like it was here in New York Thursday, do police officers write fewer traffic tickets? Because I’m thinking they really don’t want to be getting out of their car, checking meters and stuff like that, when it’s pouring.
Plus, tickets never stay on windshields in driving rainstorms, so then they’d have to go through all the hassle of drivers never paying tickets because they blew off the window.

Just wondering. My theory is that there are WAY less tickets written on rainy days. But I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

**Finally, I’m a big “Peanuts” fan, so I was very happy to stumble on this, something I’ve never seen before. It’s a short clip of Charles Schulz drawing Charlie Brown.
You never get to see a master at work, so enjoy…


One response to “An incredible World Series game. A thought about police officers on rainy nights. And how Charlie Brown was drawn

  1. um…i would like to say something about the cops and tickets on rainy days..
    as a CRJ major(criminal justice..might take a different path than the police though) my main instructor has pointed how many police departments have..standards..set by senior officers. a certain amount of tickets a shift, certain amount of trips around a area of patrol..etc.
    it may seem like less tickets are written on rainy days for the pure combo of:
    where you are
    and the timing of when you look.
    just thought i would share that 🙂

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