Daily Archives: November 17, 2011

Banks start arresting customers. An awesome wedding entrance video. And when octogenarians attack each other.

You may have heard there was a little kerfuffle at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York the other night. Mayor Bloomberg decided to kick the protesters out, temporarily, and no longer allowed them to pitch tents and sleep at the park, then let them back in. (I’m not really all that outraged about this; there are a million other places the Occupiers can make their voices heard in N.Y.)

While I’m still not sure if OWS will accomplish anything tangible, I thought this was very interesting. The great liberal blog Daily Kos put together a compilation of 10 stories of people trying desperately to take their money out of big banks, and not being allowed to. In a few cases, arrests were even made. Number 2 on the list (with video) was the most outrageous to me.

**You know I love unique wedding entrance videos here on the ole’ blog.  So when I saw this one on SI.com Wednesday, it took me all of three seconds to realize I’d be posting it here. At a New Jersey wedding over the weekend, a groom convinced his extremely-patient and understanding wife to allow he and his groomsmen to dress up as WWE characters and walk down the aisle to their entrance music. Fabulous. (It gets good about 2:30 in, and just keeps getting better.)

**You’re never too old to get revenge on a cheatin’ lover. That’s the message of this story, I think. An 87-year-old woman in Missouri named Dorothy Desjardins was convinced her 88-year-old husband was sleeping around. With her hairdresser, no less! So she did what she had to do:  She picked up his .22 Ruger gun and started waving it him, then fired a shot at him (it was unloaded, sadly for her).

Desjardins has now been charged with felony domestic assault. The lesson here? Even when you’re 88, you shouldn’t mess around with a woman’s hairdresser. That always gets out.