Daily Archives: December 2, 2011

The next “American Idol” is in my family. The great photos of sport. And the best of hockey hugs

Continuing my Good News Friday theme, I present today a new singing star, some awesome photography, and the best in hockey hugs! Follow me on Twitter here.

Clearly the first part of my blog headline today would provoke gales of laughter from anyone who knows me well. I have a terrible singing voice, truly awful, though that doesn’t stop me from karaoke-ing to my heart’s content whenever I get the chance. (There’s a bar on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, N.C. where, if you stopped on a weekend night sometime in the late 1990s, chances are you were subjected to my vocal stylings on “Born to Run” or “Don’t Stop Believin”).

So yeah, I stink at singing, and no one in my immediate family is likely to get Clive Davis or L.A. Reid to perk up their ears. Fortunately, though, I can now claim a great singer among my tribe. My step-niece Malynn is about to turn 9, and the kid has major pipes. She lives in Florida, is as shy as Don King (ha), and loves to perform.

My stepmother made this YouTube of her singing last week on her visit to N.Y. Check it out; I think the kid has real talent.
Maybe if she gets famous she’ll let me do a duet with her…

**One reason I love sports photography so much is because athletes’ faces always show exactly what they’re feeling. Joy, despiar, confusion, it’s all right there.
My friends at boston.com have come up with another fantastic photo essay, all featuring sports pics. Check it out here.

**Finally, one of the 4,683 things I love about hockey are the goal celebrations. Because you never know when a goal will be scored, and each time the puck goes in it’s a minor miracle, it seems, the spontaneous eruptions of joy among hockey players are always so cool.
And of course, what do hockey players do when they score? They hug. Hockey guys hug more than any other sport’s athletes, and isn’t that a good thing?

The great hockey blog on Yahoo! Sports has put together a new category of “Hockey Hugs,” saluting the top 5 of the week (the one above is my favorite, because it’s just a great shot and my beloved Rangers are in it). Here are some great shots…