Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

The dumbest criminal in Germany, maybe anywhere. Taylor’s “Silent Night” game continues to be awesome. And a brilliant video Christmas card

Haven’t written about a stupid criminal in a while, so I will scratch my itch for the lovable felons of the world right now.

A 57-year-old German man was sentenced recently to seven years in prison after he attempted to rob a bank. So what, you ask? Well, the bank he tried to rob in the town of Walchum had closed years ago; there were only ATM’s left.

Undeterred, the man tried to rob a passer-by with a toy gun, demanding 10,000 euros. She gave him 400 Euros and ran away.
Wait, it gets better. Our hero then escaped in a stolen car, but abandoned shortly afterwards. But he left the gun with his fingerprints on it in the car.

Some people are just too stupid to live.

**I wrote about this last year but it’s such a cool tradition I want to write about it again. Taylor University is a small college in Indiana, and every year, on the Friday night before first-semester final exams, the men’s basketball team plays a “Silent Night” game.
What does this mean? Lots of things. First, the students all dress up in funny and bizarre costumes. Then when the game starts, the entire crowd stays completely silent, until Taylor scores its 10th point. Then everyone in the crowd goes insanely nuts all at once.
Finally, at the end of the game the fans all sway together and sing “Silent Night.” Just beautiful. (the above video gets good at :25, then again at 2:49).

**Ladies and gentlemen, the Slades family decided to do a little different Christmas card this year. How awesome is this?