The new website that lets you announce your good luck in bed immediately. A sportswriting legend may be a child molester. And could North Koreans really be all that sad?

This is one of those “I cannot believe this guy actually thought this was a good idea” kinds of stories.

There’s a new iPhone app out there called “I Just Made Love.” What it allows men to do (and really, only men would do this) is to immediately tell the world that they just had sex, with whom, and where the coitus took place. Users can also tag whether it was indoors or outdoors (always key information), what position the love was made in, and, my favorite part, whether protection was used or not.

As disgusting as this sounds already, wait till you hear this: It’s already been downloaded and used more than 200,000 times.

Ladies, if your boyfriend or husband uses this thing, I think it’s legal grounds for breakup or divorce in all 50 states. Well, maybe not Nevada. Everything seems to be different in Vegas.

**From a silly story to a horrifying one. Bill Conlin is a sportswriting legend, a man who for four decades was the most influential and powerful voice in Philadelphia.

A big, blustering blowhard of a man, Conlin made few friends thanks to his gruff manner but was a sensational, blistering writer. I loved reading him when I was at school in Delaware and got the Philly papers regularly.

Well, I’ll never think of Conlin again after Tuesday, when it was revealed that he may be just another Jerry Sandusky. Four people, three men and one woman, have come forward and said Conlin sexually molested them when they were children. It’s a despicable tale that sadly has become awfully familiar in the sports world in the last few months.

The horrifying details are here. I so admire the courage of the victims coming forward, but again I am disgusted that, according to this story, so many grownups knew about this abuse and didn’t go to the police.

**Finally, I want to weigh in on these videos, like the one above, of North Koreans bawling, weeping, and basically crying their eyes out over the death of Kim Jong-Il over last weekend. I’ve seen lots of debate online about whether these people were really, truly broken up, or if they were acting so as to curry favor with Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un.

People have wondered how starving North Koreans could really be that broken up about the death of an evil dictator who denied them food. Others thought that maybe the North Koreans are brainwashed.

Me? I say if those people are all acting, get them to Hollywood. Because that is some damn impressive fake crying. I mean really, Academy Award-worthy stuff. It’s like they had a competition and said “OK, who can sound the most upset?”


One response to “The new website that lets you announce your good luck in bed immediately. A sportswriting legend may be a child molester. And could North Koreans really be all that sad?

  1. hey its been a while. just wanted to weigh in. i dont think the north korean citizens were acting. you have to understand. kim jong il and his father kim il sung, are pretty much the equivalent to jesus and god in north korea. in actual human, tangible form. so you basically grow up your entire life, and your parents entire life, believing this, and only this. so if you can understand this, then you will be able to understand the north korean citizens better. yes, currying favor has something to do with it.. but a lot of those videos that are released are genuine… but these are the well off citizens reacting this way… the ones whose family members belong to the intellectual class or military. who knows if the real victims of the famine are celebrating or mourning. but you have to keep in mind how isolated they are, and their narrow viewpoints (to no fault of their own).

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